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July 10, 2024

Ford Ranger Sales Are Up 29 Percent For First Half 2024

Ford Philippines delivered another solid retail performance for the first six months of the year, with overall sales reaching 14,460 units.

The Ford Ranger and Ford Everest led the automaker’s sales performance in the market, with the Ford Ranger sales increasing by 29 percent from last year to 6,872 units. Sales for the Ford Everest grew by 20 percent from a year ago to 4,536 units.

The Ford Territory also contributed to overall sales, with sales reaching 2,771 units. Meanwhile, the newly-launched Mustang and Bronco delivered combined sales of over 130 units, with more customers expected to receive their orders in the coming months.

“We are pleased with our sales performance for the first six months of the year driven by the continued demand for our best-selling Ford vehicles, with the addition of the all-new Mustang and all-new Bronco which were received warmly by our customers,” says Mike Breen, managing director, Ford Philippines. “We are excited to sustain the momentum through the next half of the year as we continue to enhance the Ford ownership experience.”

Ford Philippines is opening the second half of the year on a high note with a complete line-up of special deals and offers.

Available until July 31, 2024, Ford Freedom Deals allows customers to save big on their next Ford vehicle purchase with all-in low down payment deals, low monthly fees, cash savings, or free service offers.

Customers getting a Ford Territory can enjoy an all-in low down payment of P 98,000 or avail of the 5-Star Care Package which comes with free 5-year warranty, 5-year scheduled service plan, and 5-year emergency roadside assistance. An additional P 20,000 cash discount is offered on top of the 5-Star Care Package for customers buying a Territory Titanium.

On the other hand, customers getting a Ford Everest can avail of a financing deal for as low as P 24,000 monthly fee or cash savings of up to P 20,000.

Pick-up truck customers, meanwhile, can enjoy as much as P 90,000 cash savings with a purchase of a Ford Ranger or a financing deal with low monthly fee of P 15,500.

The Explorer is also included in Ford Freedom Deals this month with a special financing offer of zero percent interest for 12 months or low monthly fee of P 34,400.

“This month is definitely the best time to get a Ford with our wide range of exclusive financing offers and cash discounts for our best-selling vehicles under Ford Freedom Deals,” adds Breen.


  1. This tells me that Ford should have merged with Peugeot (aka Stellantis) and have US Ford to be run out of business by European (French) Peugeot similar to Enron, an American corporation that also went out of business by itself, but if Ford were already sold to Stellantis therefore the owner of Peugeot would use Ford's assets to help Stellantis invest in/acquire carmakers that are not in Ford's community like Mercedes-Benz - previous owner of Chrysler and Jeep, Hyundai/Kia - which had past connections with Ford, Ferrari - which famously lost to Ford in the 1966 Le Mans, Volvo - also owned by Ford from 1999 to 2010, and Lotus - which used to tune Europe/UK-built Ford cars in the past.

    So, if that may happen, then all of Ford's operations overseas would shift to Stellantis and best of all, as having said earlier, majority of Ford's assets being passed/handed over to Stellantis would be used to increase the Peugeot and Fiat owner's presence in the Southeast Asian market even with the help of such partners (which would help keep Stellantis in company) like Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai/Kia for examples... (Imagine if the Ford Focus and Ford Escape were spiritually succeeded by the Peugeot 3008 just as the Ford Fiesta and EcoSport were with the Peugeot 2008.)

    1. Ha? Ano? What? Ang haba ng comment mo, how it is related with the article as it talks about sales of the brand? Ford sold more units (LCVs) than Stellantis. Mas okay na ang Ford kesa sa Peugeot specifically here in the country.

  2. Stellantis is not even doing well in the US with double digits decline just for the 2Q.

  3. Ford is too big to be taken by any existing car company. It certainly doesn't need help from Stellantis which holds brands that failed in the US market and can't make any inroads in the Asian market. It's only hold in the US market is are the Chrysler brands. Yet Stellantis seems bent on desteoying it by discontinuing a lot of models.

    1. So, if we could try to forget Ford - thanks to the fact that we should know that it means Fix Or Repair Daily for example, then I think (even recently) that Stellantis would be better off with them (Peugeot) putting the rest of their own marques (ex: Fiat - Fix It Again Tony, Jeep) out of business in exchange for Stellantis to alternate itself with (Stellantis) acquiring Mercedes-Benz for example, remember that Benz (formerly known as Daimler) used to own Chrysler as both German and American carmakers were used to own Mitsubishi Motors in the past. (And so far given that Fiat, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and others are slow to re-enter or increase sales in Southeast Asia like Thailand, while Hyundai/Kia only favors Vietnam and Cambodia for ex., then Mercedes would be the only brand Stellantis were to go better off as the latter's hold in ASEAN despite that Mercedes-Benz is practically not interested in small cars nor it does the same with entry-level products since Benz already lost its partnerships with Hyundai in 2004 and Mitsubishi in 2007...)

  4. Ford mainly relies now globally on the strong sales of the Ranger,F150,Mustang,Puma small SUV and Transit vans
    Explorer was already left behind by Highlander in its home market though
    Ford is still doing well thanks to the financial aid they're getting from the American government and funding from Changan-JMC in China

    1. Globally? Ford in fact no longer markets (its) cars in India and Japan since they (Ford) have already withdrawn from these markets years ago, in Indonesia meanwhile, Ford returned there circa two years ago but its lineup in the Indonesian market only consists of the Ranger and the mechanically-identical Everest SUV since they're the most Ford sells.

      As in regards of Ford doing well given that they're getting economic aid from the US government - as well as from its joint venture with JMC, then I honestly think that help from the US gov't could be the reasons that Stellantis (since its owned by the French government) would rather take over Mercedes-Benz instead of the Peugeot owner performing an acquisition of Ford - since its also given with the fact that the Europeans (partially the French) are sincerely not known for having a good relationship with the Americans in each ways like in economical terms as hence the popularity of French stereotypes like being a country of surrender in the US for example says it all. (So as I also think that with the US already has a good trading and cultural relationship with Japan means that it would be better off for Toyota to acquire Ford anyway.)


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