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July 9, 2024

Out With The Old, In With A New Jetour As Trade-In Roadshow Returns

Jetour Auto Philippines’ The Trade-in Roadshow is back. This year, it will be held at the following dealerships and dates: Jetour Auto Pasig and Quezon Avenue from July 12 to 14; Jetour Auto Baliuag from July 19 to 21; Jetour Auto Edsa Centris from July 26 to 28, and; Jetour Auto Alabang from August 2 to 4.

Just like before, the Jetour Auto Trade-In Roadshow will make trading in your old vehicle or big bike (any brand, mileage, or year model—even if these vehicles are still under mortgage) as a down payment for any brand-new Jetour model.

Owners need only to bring their vehicle’s official receipt (OR), certificate of registration (CR), and valid government-issued IDs for verification.

For trade-in of vehicles without a mortgage: Owners need to sign the appraisal form and deed of sale. They must also provide the original vehicle OR and CR and present two valid government-issued IDs. For Trade-In of vehicles still under mortgage: The owner needs to provide all the above-mentioned requirements, and must also sign off on the SPA (Special Power of Attorney) form.

Once the vehicle is assessed, owners have up to 30 days from the appraisal date to confirm and accept the appraised value of their vehicles. The amount indicated is subject to reinspection once the vehicle is brought in for actual trade-in.

Once accepted by the client, the appraised value must be used as a full or partial down payment on a brand-new Jetour Auto vehicle. If the value is lower than the required down payment, the client must pay the balance to the dealer.

Any value in excess of the required down payment will be paid via check directly to the client after the sale, usually at the turnover of the new Jetour vehicle.

For auto loan applications: Customers may submit their auto loan applications during the trade-in event. Auto loan requirements consist of a fully completed auto loan application form, a valid government-issued ID, proof of income, and proof of address or residence. Additional requirements may be requested by the dealers as they deem necessary.

“The first series of Trade-In Roadshows Jetour Auto Philippines held in November and December last year was a resounding success, and generated a lot of buzz,” Miguelito Jose, Jetour Auto Philippines Managing Director, disclosed. He added, “With the return of the Trade-In Roadshow, we expect to surpass the number of trade-ins and brand conversions that the first roadshow achieved. And just like before, we will provide the highest appraisal to our customers’ current vehicles to be used as full or partial down payments for their new Jetour. Trade-ins are one of the most practical ways to upgrade to an all-new car, and we will be here to assist our customers every step of the way.”

Alongside the Trade-In Roadshows, customers can also avail of the following easy-to-own financing programs in collaboration with partner banks. The assessed value of the vehicle being traded in can be applied to the following ongoing financing programs:

X70 Plus: 1st month on Jetour

The Jetour X70 Plus mid-size SUV, with a retail price of P 1,499,000, is available for just a P 68,000 down payment and a 60-month term of P 30,779.47, with the first amortization automatically waived.

This program for the Jetour X70 Plus applies to banks financing tri-party transactions with a 20 percent down payment for up to a 60-month term. The offer includes Chattel Mortgage Fee, one-year comprehensive Insurance with AON, and 3-years LTO registration.

Zero interest advantage

The Jetour X70 Travel, Jetour X70 Sport, and the Jetour Dashing are now acquired through a zero percent interest scheme on monthly amortization up to 60 months term period. Additionally, the Jetour Dashing is also offered with zero percent interest.

This advantage also includes Chattel Mortgage Fee, One Year Comprehensive Insurance w/AON, and 3-Years LTO Registration.

All-in low-down payment scheme

The Jetour X70 Journey, Jetour Dashing, Jetour Dashing Symphony, are now offered at a low 20 percent down payment for a 60-month term.

The Jetour X70 Travel and Jetour X 70 Sport, meanwhile, is offered at 30 percent down payment for a 60-month term.

This offer also includes Chattel Mortgage Fee, one-year comprehensive insurance with AON, and 3-years LTO registration.

Stretch 72/84 months

The collaboration with Jetour Auto Philippines and BPI provides longer monthly amortization, easy acquisition, and affordable down payment on selected units.

The promo includes Chattel Mortgage Fee, one-year comprehensive insurance with AON, and 3 years LTO registration.

Jtour Ice Cream EV for P 28K all-in DP

The Jetour Ice Cream EV is now offered for as low as P 28,000 all-in low-down payment for a 60-month term. This offer also includes Chattel Mortgage Fee, one-year comprehensive insurance with AON, and 3 years LTO registration.


  1. Is there a trade in promo in mindanao?

  2. I wonder how does Jetour vehicles depreciate.


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