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July 9, 2024

BMW Takes On The Philippine Loop

BMW, through its official importer and distributor SMC Asia Car Distributors Corporation will take on the Philippine Loop: a grueling 5,000-kilometer journey traversing the diverse landscapes of the Philippines.

The team of brave adventure seekers have taken off for the South Loop through the Pan-Philippine Highway, traversing to the islands of Visayas and Mindanao, and back to Luzon.

This will be followed by the  North Loop will happen sometime next month.

This ambitious project aims to showcase the exceptional comfort, reliability, fuel efficiency, and performance of BMW vehicles while celebrating the spirit of adventure and local tourism.

The Philippine Loop is a renowned test of a vehicle’s strength and agility. Spanning thousands of kilometers, the route encompasses a variety of terrains – from the lively cityscapes to winding mountain roads, and everything in between. This challenging journey presents a perfect platform for BMW to demonstrate its commitment to excellence in engineering and design.

“BMW is thrilled to embark on this challenge,” says Spencer Yu, President of SMC Asia Car Distributors Corp. “This project embodies the core values of the BMW brand: a relentless pursuit of adventure, a dedication to pushing boundaries, and a deep appreciation for the beauty of the world around us. Through this journey, we aim to showcase how BMW vehicles can be the perfect companions for exploring the diverse landscapes and rich culture of the Philippines.”

Beyond testing the limits of the vehicles, BMW’s participation in the Philippine Loop underscores the brand’s commitment to supporting local tourism. The breathtaking scenery encountered along the route will be captured and shared, aiming to inspire Filipinos and international travelers alike to explore the Philippines’ hidden gems.

Photo by Alex Lim / BanaweBoy (Facebook | Instagram)


  1. Even when the majority of BMW cars are too old in today's period, since many of them are rear-wheel driven (RWD), then while they lost a lot of oil BMWs have a strong survival rate but as given the fact that BMWs are oil-burning vehicles means the clue to that is RWD - which is why it would have been better off for BMW to merge with Renault and have the latter to replace Nissan with the German carmaker as Renault's partner. (Since its also obvious that Renault/Dacia is excellent in smaller and front-wheel drive cars unlike BMW.)

  2. Lexus overtook BMW as the top luxury car brand in terms of units sold last year. Been cross-shopping between the X3 and Lexus NX and settled on the latter after the tax cut on hybrids dropped the price of the NX by over 400k php. BMW should aggresively price its units to compete. Was offered the X3 with a 200k discount but still way more expensive.

    Been driving the NX for two weeks now and driving dynamics is little inferior to BMWs having driven one for over 10 yrs. But the fuel efficiency of the hybrid is enough incentive. No coding pa.

    1. I guess Lexus is not that famed nor adored compared to BMW, but as while we honestly forget about Lexus, then I think how you appreciate BMW is given that the German carmaker would have been a better business and technological partner for fellow European automaker Renault instead of the latter has with Toyota's fellow compatriot Nissan, especially one thing BMW and Nissan have in common is that BMW and Nissan (also Toyota) are known for their rear-wheel drive (but out of date in today's period) sedans and coupes while Renault since they were active in the Philippines until the late 1990s? have its (Renault) cars being front-wheel driven (FWD) - and if all BMWs were to switch to Renault hardware (as Dacia already uses them too) then most driving dynamics of BMWs would be like Renault Group cars as Renaults are also known for their durability and handling like fellow French marque Peugeot... (Additionally Renault would also get a luxury marque like BMW since the former have discontinued the Renault Laguna and Renault Safrane models...)

    2. We have a 2022 X3 2.0 diesel and the ride and handling is really good for what it is. Engine performance is pretty decent too, my only regret was not opting for the 3.0 i-6 engine instead.


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