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July 3, 2024

Suzuki PH Extends Rainy Deals Promo Deals On S-Presso, Ertiga Hybrid

Suzuki Philippines announces the extension of its Suzuki Rainy Deals promo through the month of July. The carmaker is offering the same deals on select Suzuki vehicles until July 31, 2024.

Customers can still enjoy low down payment options, substantial cash discounts, and nationwide availability across all Suzuki Auto dealers.

For the whole month of July, Suzuki offers enticing low down payment options, as much as P 78,000 on the Ertiga Hybrid and P 59,000 on the S-Presso models for financing transactions.

This exclusive offer makes it easier for customers to drive home their dream Suzuki vehicle without breaking the bank. Detailed information on down payment options for each variant is available at all Suzuki dealerships.

The Rainy Deals promo also includes significant cash discounts. Enjoy up to P 60,000 off on the Ertiga Hybrid and benefit from a P 32,000 discount on the S-Presso.

The Suzuki Rainy Deals promo is available at all Suzuki Auto dealers nationwide.

This extended promo runs from July 3 to July 31, 2024.


  1. These kind of business practices are just meant to emphasize on hype, profits and not the sake of fanservice just as other carmakers (mostly European and today Chinese) does, Suzuki by the way is not only known for making cars with unsuccessful crash tests, but also due to its legacy as a former General Motors unit meant that Suzuki is a carmaker that didn't even find to catch up with its bigger compatriots Toyota, Honda and Nissan - there wasn't even a reason for these promos especially its no secret to think that Suzuki is no more in the US and Canadian markets since twelve in a half years ago. (Europe could be next too since Suzuki-badged Toyotas being sold there didn't do well in sales.)

    Maybe, I wonder if Suzuki and Isuzu were to follow the footsteps of their former GM partners Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Saturn for going out of business unless if Toyota were to sell off its shares in Suzuki and Isuzu to Nissan, unlike Suzuki and Isuzu then Mitsubishi survived in the US and Canada even until it was acquired by Nissan in 2016 so Nissan's acquisitions in Suzuki and Isuzu may benefit both despite that reviving Mitsubishi for example would be deeply hard as Nissan benefiting from access to Suzuki and Isuzu's investments... (Since Suzuki and Isuzu are both doing good business in Southeast Asia despite that Suzuki have recently closed down its factory in Rayong, Thailand.)

    1. Suzuki won't close down its car manufacturing business as they mostly earn more money and have great sales volumes in countries like India,Pakistan,Nepal,Japan and Indonesia
      Isuzu mainly focus on selling trucks and buses that's why they're still earning lots of money from it.

    2. So what your saying would imply that Toyota may not only find those as necessary to them, but also as I wonder that if Toyota were to take over Ford, then for example Toyota would also use both Suzuki and Isuzu as to supply the two's products to Ford and thus have each of their cars to be rebadged and marketed with Ford's logos on - for examples the D-Max would act as a replacement to the unreliable Ranger that's currently on sale, the Jimny would act as the Bronco's junior cousin (Ford Maverick), the Ertiga would fill in the segment where the Ford Focus was used to be (which is not even hilarious but interesting), while the rest like Isuzu's trucks such as Elf would also be rebranded and sold as Fords too. (In case if you didn't notice that Suzuki in the past used to supply its small Carry van to Ford for sale exclusively to the Chinese market and that Suzuki-based Ford was called as the Ford Pronto.)


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