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July 4, 2024

Jaecoo Set To Enter The European Market With The Jaecoo 7

After declaring the entrance of Omoda into Europe late last year, its sister brand, Jaecoo is now doing the same. Set to make its public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed starting on July 11, Jaecoo will start retail sales there by the end of 2024 with the Jaecoo 7.

As its first dynamic debut, the Jaecoo 7 will be driven up the famous Goodwood hill by former 1960s F1 racing driver and 1970 Le Mans winner, Richard Attwood.

The Jaecoo brand is part of Chery International, China’s number one vehicle exporter for over 20 years. Its name is inspired by a fusion of the German word “Jäger” (meaning “hunter”) and the English word “cool,” to reflect its suitability for all environments. With more than a decade of experience gained from a joint venture with the world’s most established off-road vehicle manufacturer (Land Rover), Jaecoo was created to be “From Classic, Beyond Classic.”

For the European market, the Jaecoo 7 will be powered by a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine available in both front- and four-wheel drive configurations. Plug-in hybrid and all-electric variants have been confirmed to follow.

To meet the duality of its urban and off-road brief, the Jaecoo 7 is designed and engineered to perform with ease whether on highways or off the beaten track. In addition to a 600 mm wading depth, it has seven drive modes including Sand, Mud, Snow, and Off-Road. The Jaecoo 7’s approach and departure angles are rated at 21 and 29 degrees respectively, with a maximum breakover angle of 200 mm. A Bosch-developed Integrated Power Brake (IPB) system on four-wheel drive models simulates a differential lock with enhanced and faster locking capability.

Inside, it has a 14.8-inch high-res touchscreen as well as a 10.25-inch LCD instrument cluster and heads-up display. Multi-color interior lighting options, 50-watt wireless mobile phone charging, an eight-speaker Sony audio system, a panoramic roof, and a full suite of ADAS safety technologies are also included.

The vehicle measures 4,500 mm in length with a 2,672 mm wheelbase, 1,865 mm in width, and is 1,680 mm high.


  1. China car brands very fond of european name😁😁😁. Maybe except byd, Sadly the quality of china car very far away from euro quality. once upon a time meron din dito china EV brand na ang name UK sounded "wastemaster" . Ayon na bankrupt, naglaho parang bula.

    1. European vehicles like FIAT,Alfa Romeo,Peugeot,Citroën,Volkswagen,Jaguar and Land Rover are well-known for being unreliable 🤣
      Chery vehicles sold in Italy under DR Motor for a decade already are known to be reliable

    2. A decade ago, so it is a chery QQ 😅😅😅maybe used also by a softdrink company in italy, just like here ginawa tansan ng softdrink company.

    3. The infamous chery QQ

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. Chery,Jetour,Jaecoo and Omoda vehicles from 2010's up to present are way more reliable now

    6. Lots and lots of reliabilty issues for so called chery luxury brand omoda, the biggest is the axle separated.

    7. To be fair, all car brands started with issues. After decades in the industry, and despite being #1 globally, Toyota still encounters issues. I guess the question is, what have we, as a country, aside from OFWs and Merchant Marines, contributed to the world?

      Don't get me wrong, I personally prefer Japanese brands (Toyota and Mazda). I just don't like commenters here bashing Chinese brands just for the reason of them being Chinese.

      Looking at Chery QQ, we can see that Chery's quality has improved. I cannot say the same for Sarao and Francisco motors.

      Lastly, Weltmeister is German word, not UK (english).

    8. They have already here long enough to proved themselves., China car brands at least here have already been proven to be not reliable, not durable and after sales not good. Each country has its own contribution to the world. Ph greatly contribute for moving oil products, goods/merchandise around the world(seamen), health(nurses), contsructions(engineers specially in middle east) BPO, CALL CENTERS and democracy. we are not exporting to the world fentanyl, shabu, fake goods/merchandise.

  2. Better stick to ICE vehicles for Europe, otherwise they'll be bitten by the by the recently-imposed tariffs on Chinese EVs by the EU.


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