Saturday, May 13, 2017

LTO and EV Group Thresh Out Registration and Regulation Issues

The Land Transportation Office or LTO is finally moving to update its archaic system when dealing with Electric Vehicles or EVs. That’s the conclusion reached at an industry consultation with the Electronic Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP). The issues tackled centered around the registration and regulation of EVs.

The LTO presented its procedures and guidelines in registering electric vehicles. This comes at the heels of a recent LTO crackdown on electric two-wheelers that were not registered due to the numerous accidents reported when said vehicles plied highways and busy streets.

The LTO clarified that only vehicles run by muscular effort or are manually propelled can be exempted from registration and regulation. Thus, all electric vehicles are considered motor vehicles therefore requiring registration and regulation by the LTO.

Present in the dialogue were officers of the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP) led by President Rommel Juan and VP Edmund Araga. EVAP members, EV Wealth Inc., Tojo Motors, Bemac, Eliah Green, Le Guider, BYD, Kea Industrial Corporation, AET, and various other individual members were also there. Also in attendance were representatives from different electric bicycle, scooter, and motorcycle dealers and distributors.

Juan reveals that EVAP members who can register their vehicles because they have the proper permits and documentations on hand reached out to the EBike companies so that they might work together and help register all their EBikes, EScooters and EMotorcycles.

Araga says that the electric vehicle industry welcomes this initiative of the LTO so that EV registration can be made easier. “Electric vehicles are the future of the automotive industry and the Philippines is on the right track. We thank LTO Chief, Undersecretary Edgar Galvante for giving special attention to this nagging issue and helping us tread closer to our goal of a greener transport system in the Philippines”.


  1. ^Dont divert our attention LTO... just issue the f'king plates (which we already paid for)... NOW!!!

    1. Right! Not only that but include the drivers' licenses as well. All these nincompoop LTO officers do are grandstand with petty projects that don't give any credence to their agency!

  2. I suppose Segway and look-alike variants are included in this regulation as well.

  3. Good luck with that...even CD-R King sells e-bikes...

  4. Allow all EV Car model from all brands like hyudai, mahindra, chevrolet and ford. To sell their electric vehicle here in the philippines fo innovation of our transportation.


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