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May 30, 2012

Mercedes-Benz Actros Takes to Batangas Racing Circuit

CATS Motors, Inc. (CATS) introduces the new Mercedes-Benz Actros in an exclusive driving event at the Batangas Racing Circuit.

Two Actros truck variants were available for test drive during the event: A 6-wheeler 20-ton 310 Hp Actros 3 and 10-wheeler 26-ton 350 Hp Actros 3. Guests, composed of the motoring press and haulers, were able to experience the power, safety and capability of the new Mercedes-Benz trucks for the first time.

“We have been extremely satisfied to be able to show and demonstrate the features of the new Actros. It was an opportunity to prove that Mercedes-Benz truly has ‘Trucks you can trust’,” Richard Hall, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Daimler Commercial Vehicles shares.

The driving experience highlighted the excellent handling, comfort, safety as well as economy of the new Actros through various track exercises in a controlled environment.  

“Late last year we introduced the Actros and shortly after delivered some units. Since then, after only a month or two of operations, these trucks are running over 12,000 km. and we noticed a strong attachment of drivers to the trucks. We wanted to get our friends from the media to have a glimpse of this attachment and why such an attachment, ” Ser J Delos Angeles, Vice President for Commercial Vehicles and After Sales.

About the Actros

“Trucks you can trust” is more than just a slogan. It is a commitment Mercedes-Benz adheres to. Customers can rely on the quality of the trucks made by Mercedes-Benz, and on the service provided by CATS. Hubertus Troska, head of the Mercedes-Benz Trucks business unit, Daimler AG, emphasizes that “With the ‘Trucks you can trust’ brand promise, Mercedes-Benz is displaying its unwavering commitment to quality and reliability of its products and services and to fairness in its dealings with customers.”

The primary goal of haulers, truck users and end-recipients is to obtain minimal risk and maximum profitability in transporting goods and equipment—this is what Mercedes-Benz trucks offer. When it comes to minimizing risk, Mercedes-Benz, under Daimler AG, applies the same systems and high-technology devices in trucks as in their passenger cars. This includes safety assist systems such as the ATTENTION ASSIST, which detects the driver’s drowsiness, and proximity sensors among the myriad innovations of Mercedes-Benz.

With a rich truck-building history that stretches back more than a century ago and extensive research and development over the years after, Mercedes-Benz has achieved exemplary ergonomics, numerous comfort and safety innovations as standard in all Mercedes-Benz trucks.

With its world-class safety features and reliability, accidents are lessened or avoided significantly—thus contributing to its cost-effectiveness. Apart from this, Mercedes-Benz boasts its efficiency. It has an automated clutch with mechanical transmission making the ride smoother at the same time more fuel-efficient—a technology used in Formula 1 and the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

If business owners and haulers can lessen risks and maximize profitability with Mercedes-Benz trucks, why deprive them of such? If road accidents can be lessened with the use of Mercedes-Benz trucks, why deprive the Philippines of such? These are the reasons why CATS is bringing in the line of first-class trucks from Mercedes-Benz.

Diversifying to commercial vehicles is by no means steering away from “luxury”. Mercedes-Benz aims to continue pushing boundaries by producing the best premium vehicles to keep the world moving, encompassing passenger cars and commercial vehicles—and CATS shares this very vision. It has invested on dedicated teams that will be available 24 hours on call and on facilities and equipment to assist all Mercedes-Benz truck owners. It carries on the responsibility of taking care of the customers’ trust just as Actros trucks are known to be TRUCKS YOU CAN TRUST.

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