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May 29, 2012

Mitsubishi Motor Philippines Collaborates with DOE and Meralco on i-MIEV Evaluation

Photo courtesy of Mitsubishi Press
Mitsubishi Motors Phils. Corp. (MMPC) is pleased to announce that an Electric Vehicle or EV Cooperation Agreement with the Department of Energy (DOE) and MERALCO is underway which mainly covers the use of Mitsubishi Motors’ zero emission electric car the i-MiEV (i-Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle), for evaluation and demonstration purposes.  MMPC will be the first auto manufacturer to bring in a pure electric car in the country given that its principal Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is in the forefront of EV development.

This collaboration project will entail MMPC to lend demo cars of i-MiEV to both DOE and MERALCO for the purpose of studying EV’s behaviors and performance when utilized in Metro Manila in various conditions, and also examine the impact to power system when EV is charged.  The outcome of the evaluation will enhance the understanding of EV and determine the requirements of supporting charging infrastructure.  It will also be a preparatory step toward the possible future introduction and create greater public awareness of electric vehicles.
The ceremonial turnover was staged at the 2nd Electric Vehicle Summit 2012 wherein MMPC President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Hikosaburo Shibata presented to DOE Secretary Jose Almendras, and MERALCO President Manuel Pangilinan the first i-MiEV unit to be used under this EV Cooperation Agreement.  MMPC was also invited as a resource company in this EV Summit to provide an overview of Mitsubishi Motors EV business being in the forefront of EV development   

Mr. Hikosaburo Shibata said that “This collaboration project is just timely given the various challenges the automobile is facing today which includes environmental pollution, global warming and the rising cost and depletion of petroleum-based energy supplies.”  Shibata added that “We are pleased to be the first auto manufacturer in the Philippines to collaborate with DOE and MERALCO to evaluate the potential role of electric vehicles in the society and also addressing environment issues.”

The EV Summit is part of the continuous effort of the government, non-government organizations and private sectors on the promotion and development of green vehicles such as electric vehicles, in response to the significant environmental and economic demands. 

Organizing this summit are the Department of Trade and Industry, Manila Economic and Cultural Office, Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines, Meralco, Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities and Partnership for Clean Air. This will be held on May 24 to 25, 2012 at the Meralco Multipurpose Hall.  The theme is “Mobilizing the Region in Electric Vehicle Promotion and Development.

About the i-MIEV

Launched by Mitsubishi Motors in 2009, the i-MiEV as the ultimate eco-car, a solution to the various challenges the automobile faces today including environmental pollution, global warming and the depletion of petroleum-based energy supplies. Aside from being environmentally friendly, the i-MiEV is also very economical since the cost per kilometer to drive the i-MiEV is one third of a comparable gasoline vehicle.  Cost per kilometer can drop of up to one ninth of that of gasoline depending on the cost of electricity.  Charging the i-Miev is very convenient since it can be charged anywhere with electric power source.  There are two ways of charging this car such as using a normal 220-volt outlet and a quick charger.  It takes about 7 hours to charge on a 220 volt and 30 minutes for the quick charger to charge up to 80% of battery capacity once the battery is almost empty.

 With its zero carbon dioxide tailpipe emissions and minimal well-to-wheel generation of carbon dioxide, the i-MiEV makes a valuable contribution to climate protection which also made it to be the recipient of the “Environment Special Grand Prize” at the 25th International Automobile festival in Paris. 

To date, the i-MiEV is now selling in many countries and regions all over the world, including Japan, Europe, Hong Kong, Australia, Estonia and in the United States and Canada sales of i-MiEV started last year. In Japan, the i-MiEV has been in the market since July 2009 and it was later launched in Europe by the end of 2010.  Since then Mitsubishi Motors has sold around 4,000 units in Japan and has exported a total of over 10,000 units.   Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is collaborating with other countries like the Principality of Monaco, Iceland, Denmark, Singapore, Thailand and others in their efforts to popularize EVs.

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