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May 11, 2012

Johnnie Walker Creates Signature Blend with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

Photo courtesy of Diageo Press
Johnnie Walker, the world’s number one Scotch Whisky brand teams up with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes (VMM) Driver and World Champion Jenson Button to create the JOHN WALKER & SONS Signature Blend Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Edition – a unique and rare blend in celebration of the brand’s successful eight-year partnership with the winning F1 Team.

Forming part of the global “Step Inside the Circuit” campaign, Johnnie Walker threw its hat into the wonderful spectacle of F1 racing in 2005 when it partnered with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes to give fans exclusive and intimate insights into the world of Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, and the rest of the team both on and off the track.

At the heart of the this campaign is the desire to inspire people with incredible stories of personal progression and success; and this innovative collaboration with Jenson Button perfectly embodies the spirit of the program and the Keep Walking mantra which is so passionately engrained in both Johnnie Walker and the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team.

The creation of JOHN WALKER & SONS Signature Blend

Recently, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes (VMM) Driver and World Champion Jenson Button visited the Johnnie Walker House in Shanghai to embark on a special journey to create the John Walker & Sons Signature Blend Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Edition through Johnnie Walker’s finest whiskies. During his visit, Jenson learned of Johnnie Walker’s brand heritage, the skilled whisky-blending process, distillation and Scotch blending craftsmanship. Nick Morgan, Diageo’s Head of Whisky Outreach and blending expert, guided Jenson through the secrets behind Johnnie Walker’s unique blended flavours and scents such as vanilla, citrus, honey, pepper and smoky peat by using a nosing technique similar to that used by the master blender.

The flavours and scents selected by Jenson will serve as a foundation for Johnnie Walker’s Master Blender, Jim Beveridge, to skillfully blend John Walker and Sons Signature Blend, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Edition. Jim will personally be creating this unique blend back in Scotland, selecting the most precious whisky from the world’s largest whisky reserve.

And as a tribute to Jenson and the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 Team racing achievements, Johnnie Walker will present Jenson with one of the limited editions.

The Step Inside the Circuit, once in a lifetime starts at the Johnnie Walker House, Shanghai
John Walker and Sons Signature Blend, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Edition is a tribute to the eight-year partnership with the Formula 1 team. In honour of this special partnership which has enjoyed so much success over the years, twenty bottles of this unique blend will be created.
Priced at 30,000 pounds sterling, this limited edition blend will be sold by exclusive invitation only at Shanghai’s Johnnie Walker House. Owners of the limited edition will be entitled to a bespoke Johnnie Walker Step Inside the Circuit experience with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, enjoying hospitality and behind the scenes access to an exhilarating Formula 1 experience at a race city of their choice.

“Signature Blend is an artisan blending tradition which dates back to the 1800s, the great John Walker used this technique to create exquisite whisky blends for his best customers and today we are honouring this whisky tradition by using the craftsmanship of Jim Beveridge, our master blender, to create a blend for our global partner Vodafone McLaren Mercedes.

World Champions Keep Walking with Johnnie Walker

Spanning more than 200 races since Jenson’s Formula 1 debut in 2000, his career has been full of challenges, turns and twists. However, Jenson persevered to fulfill his dream that finally came true when he became the 2009 World Drivers Champion. Jenson said; “Life is always full of challenges, but what’s important is that you have to challenge yourself. Although I was a World Champion in 2009, I will not stop and be contented. I believe I will keep taking on new challenges”.

Jenson Button and Johnnie Walker reflect the same ideals of progression; during the Johnnie Walker House visit Jenson demonstrated that he embraces the same passionate spirit of Keep Walking that has ambitiously driven him to success.

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