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May 21, 2012

PLDT SME Nation Launches F.A.S.Track

Photos by Ulysses Ang
Small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) who are elbow-deep in critical field operations such as transport, logistics and courier delivery operations, can reap big-time benefits in their businesses by deploying PLDT SME Nation’s innovative, simple and user-friendly, web-based asset monitoring system. 

Simply put, F.A.S.Track Online (Field Asset System for Tracking) is a productivity tool that has an accurate and invariable per-minute location monitoring feature that allows business owners, particularly companies with a fleet of vehicles and people, to precisely pinpoint their locations while on the road, nationwide, 24/7. The information can be sent to and read from any favorite online device, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.
“SME’s looking for an effective tool to monitor their business assets and resources will find that F.A.S.Track Online is an ideal solution to effectively manage their operations,” said PLDT SME Nation VP and Head Kat Luna-Abelarde. “This means significant cost-savings on their overhead and reliable transport and courier services, particularly on fuel consumption and maintenance of vehicles. This results in customer satisfaction, operational efficiencies and process improvements, and effective utilization of manpower.”  

How the solution works

F.A.S.Track Online is easy to install, less the complex server set up, and needs minimal technical knowledge to get started. SME’s delivery vehicles are fitted with the device which allows business owners to view all their assets in real-time, via the web using their preferred platform such as desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

As soon as the company’s service vehicle goes out to move goods and deliver services from one destination to another, the solution tracks it along the whole supply chain. Every stop, even over-speeding drivers while on the road, is instantly reported to the company’s head office via SMS, or email.

“In any business, time is of the essence,” said PLDT SME Nation AVP and Marketing Head Amil Azurin. “But delays caused by personnel inefficiencies, lack of planning, and inevitable circumstances may put it off the track and cause derailment of business operations,” he warned.

“There are some delivery staff who might even use company’s service vehicle for personal reasons, or divert from assigned routes to do other things while on duty. With F.A.S.Track Online these inefficiencies are curtailed,” he stressed.

The application-based solution accurately tracks the whereabouts of a company’s field assets – whether a corporate field staff, a solitary vehicle or an entire transport fleet. The service helps SMEs zero in on their exact location in near-real time. It allows companies to save on cost through fuel cost reduction since routes are effectively optimized, as well as better and lesser vehicle maintenance schedules.

With most SME’s looking for a way to save on operational costs, F.A.S.Track is the ideal business tool for them. It is the first and only option in the market that offers a no upfront CapEx scheme. Companies can now install and use a GPS-based, real-time tracking device on their service vehicles. And considering the irreplaceable value of goods and documents freighted and couriers by delivery companies, the pricing schemes offered by PLDT SME Nation makes this particular business investment even more sensible.

Besides the transport and logistics sectors, other market segments that can achieve benefits from F.A.S.Track include service/utility, manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, security and Investigation, and helpdesks/CRM.

F. A.S.Track Online is one of the business tools that PLDT SME Nation offers to help entrepreneurs  manage their business more effectively, thus ensuring success and profitability.

For more information on PLDT SME Nation’s F.A.S.Track service or any of our business solutions, you may call 101-888 or visit our website at

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