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August 21, 2012

All-New Ford Ranger Achieves 19.44 km/L in PHL Fuel Economy Run

The all-new Ford Ranger has proven itself a leader in fuel economy in the Philippines after traveling 1,623 kilometers on a single tank of fuel – averaging an incredible 19.44 Km/L over the entire journey between Manila, Subic, Clark and Tarlac City.

The all-new Ford Ranger was recently put to the test to demonstrate Ford’s commitment to delivering class-leading fuel economy in every vehicle segment in which the company competes – and once again, the company delivered.

Ford set-up an all-new Ford Ranger fuel efficiency challenge with representatives from the Department of Energy (DOE) witnessing the process and results, including refueling of the vehicles at its conclusion to verify results.

From Manila, the all-new Ranger made its way to the northern and central parts of Luzon, mixing highway and city driving conditions.

The test vehicle was subjected to DOE examination prior to the run, with the Ranger’s hood, lift gate and fuel lid being checked and officially sealed.

The vehicle had two participants - including a driver and navigator – and was set to normal driving conditions, windows were closed at all times and the air-conditioner was set and secured at speed “1” for the entire duration of the drive.

The run was performed at average speeds between 40-80kph depending on traffic conditions, with the results clearly demonstrating the Ranger’s superior fuel efficiency.

“The results of our test drive have confirmed, without question, the all-new Ford Ranger as a class leader of fuel economy in the Philippines,” said Dino Obias, assistant vice president, Marketing, Ford Group Philippines.

Designed and engineered by a global One Ford team, the all-new Ranger takes advantage of Ford’s worldwide expertise, particularly robust engines proven in tough commercial-vehicle usage and fuel-efficient six-speed transmissions.

The all-new Ranger’s Duratorq TDCi 2.2L VG Turbo engine delivers peak torque output of 375 Nm and power output of 150 PS by utilising a variable geometry turbocharger that allows more accurate control of boost pressure over a wider operating range. This enables lower-end torque capability for improved launch and driveability while delivering exceptional fuel efficiency.

The all-new Ranger features new automatic and manual six-speed transmissions for increased responsiveness and fuel efficiency. The automatic gearbox provides drivers with various modes as well as manual control through sequential manual shifting.

Moreover, the transmission also has the ability to adapt to the driver’s style through Driver Recognition software. By determining the current driving style, including acceleration and deceleration rates, brake and throttle applications and cornering speeds, the transmission ensures the vehicle is in the right gear at the right time without undesired gear shifts.

For those who prefer greater involvement, the six-speed manual transmission provides crisp, precise shifting with its short, car-like gear shifter positioned ergonomically for the driver. All manual transmissions have an upshift indicator in the instrument panel to help coach drivers on the best gearing for fuel economy.

Later this month, Ford will host a second fuel efficiency test run with members of the Philippine media which will challenge participants to try and beat these already impressive numbers.


  1. wow! very nice.. i want one! kahit na ung 2.2 4x4 lng..ayaw ko matic..haha..manual para mas masaya.. :) tpos 6 speed pa.. nice driving eto..overtake with ease.. hehehe.. :D

  2. what can i say? it's mabilis, malakas, maganda at ligtas ka sa baha!


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