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August 15, 2012

Lexus Manila Achieves Record-Breaking Sales Quarter Amid Luxury Market Slump

People are talking about the continuing phenomenal growth rate of Lexus of 46% over last year amidst a growth decline of 16% of the luxury market segment in the same period (based on CAMPI sales report as of July 31, 2012). 

Shifting 32 units in May of this year, Lexus Manila then proceeded to set a record for sales in June with 35 units sold and finally capped off the quarter by achieving its highest ever sales in July with 41 units sold.

"Lexus is run by a dynamic and cohesively motivated team who shares a passion for excellent personalized service", says Danny Isla, the president of Lexus Manila. He quickly adds: " Honesty and integrity in dealing with our customers drives our business."

The Lexus brand has brought in six new models this year; clients, both old and new, met each introduction enthusiastically.

"Come to think of it, there is no old customer of Lexus. We have repeat purchases from the same people - a living testimony of their confidence and satisfaction of the brand", says Danny Isla.

The Lexus brand is slowly making a mark - inch by inch, just the way it had planned when it opened its business three years ago. No flamboyant promotions, no noisy goings - just a consistent, understated presence moved by the sincerity of its people to make a difference in the industry.

Whatever marketing mix Lexus is doing, it is definitely working; Lexus provides excellent products that deliver a superior driving experience, consistent and impeccable customer-service, and a personalized approach to luxury. The best return for Lexus is perhaps the word-of-mouth marketing from the very same people who have experienced the difference that Lexus makes.

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