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August 1, 2012

Safe T Ryders Goes to Tayuman

Alberto Suansing, the former LTO Chief and now Secretary General of Phil Global Road Safety Partnership, hosted the 4th Bikers Club Meet Up held last June 30 at the Rasak Covered Gym in Tayuman, Manila.  Several motorcycle clubs from Tondo, Kalookan, Navotas, Malabon, Makati and Valenzuela responded to Mr. Suansing’s invitation and spent the whole afternoon exchanging views on the current affairs of motorcycle riding.

“Motorcycles are designed for two passengers.  With affordable monthly payment, many couples find the motorcycle as an economical alternative to using crowded public transport,” said Suansing on the topic of tandem riding.

When asked comment on the ban on “open pipes” Suansing says, “As LTO Chief I issued memorandum order banning loud and noisy exhaust pipes, as they are nuisance to the community and residents where motorcycle riders pass.”

Members of Underbone Fury Riders (Malabon), Burlington Riders (Makati), Brad Riders (Kalookan), Bagwis Riders (Tondo), Bright Lights (Valenzuela) and NMPC (Navotas) gamely exchanged comments and shared their insights on other topics like backriding of children, checkpoints and arguing with traffic enforcers.

The number of motorcycle users is growing in double digits.   Consequently, the cases of road crashes involving motorcycles are also growing in double digits.  While we are alarmed by everyday accounts of bloody bike crashes, little is being done to mitigate them.

Safe-T-Ryders is conducting a series of Bikers Club Meet-Ups to promote greater awareness among public in general, and motorcycle riders in particular.  The goal is to engage organized bikers to take active part in the promotion of road safety and reduction of road mishaps.

Sul Guiabel, instructor from Safe T Ryders conducted a short discussion on the effects of alcohol when riding.  This was followed by a lively demonstration of mild and strong intoxication using the “Fatal Vision” goggles.  Club members took turns trying out the goggles and doing several exercises to test their ability to carry out simple tasks like walking along a straight line and catching a ball.

The goggles simulate the loss of eye-and-muscle coordination due to  high BAC (blood alcohol concentration) to emphasize the very damaging effects of riding under the influence of alcohol, and its severe consequences resulting in serious injuries and even death.  With the growing number of road crashes resulting from riding under the influence of alcohol, Safe-T-Ryders is mounting a campaign against riding motorbikes after taking alcohol.

According to Safe T Ryders founder Arnel Doria who was the head of marketing for a leading car brand, "The Club Meet-Up program is part of our advocacy to engage bikers club members in the active campaign to multiply the number of responsible and disciplined bikers.  This will be a continuing program for Safe-T-Ryders Training Center and we invite corporate partners to join us in this road safety advocacy."

Club Meet Up is regularly supported by Gadgets Magazine, PGRSP and Independent Realty Corporation, together with the official media partners: Motoring Today (Solar Sports), Stoplight TV, Auto Review (PTV4) and Inside Motoring (DZRJ).  The Manila leg is sponsored by Prestone brake fluid which gave away one bottle each to the participants, and the Manila City government of Mayor Alfredo Lim.

Safe-T-Ryders Training Center believes that a sound knowledge base as well as strong riding skills result in safer road users and enhance the enjoyment of motorcycle riders. The training center is manned by Julius Ballesteros, a TESDA-certified instructor who has just completed a two-year stint as a safety driving instructor of a large Saudi Arabian company, and Sulfikar Guiabel, an experienced LTO-accredited riding/driving instructor.

The Club Meet-Up is open to bike club members as well as individual riders. Attendance is free of charge to qualified participants.   For interested parties and/or riders clubs who would like to host the meet up, please contact Safe T Ryders (Tel No. 208-8035 / Mobile: 0932-872-3389).  Check for updates on Facebook (

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