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August 6, 2012

DTS Ultimate Now Available

Our new DTS Ultimate chip is here, been a long wait but the factory in UK has come through with a real beauty. This is the latest Diesel Upgrade chip available now and it makes more power plus more fuel savings than our competitors.

With a processor that runs 6X’s faster than other brands, this chip has a sampling rate faster than anything else in the world. The New Generation board is 2012 technology and the processor is the latest and fastest that’s available in the market today.

The DTS Ultimate chip is an add on electronic performance upgrade which alters your existing ECU while enhancing the overall performance and power of the engine while retaining all original protective parameters. The DTS Ultimate performance module connects directly to your cars injection control system using a wiring loom which is manufactured using original equipment connectors. This allows a plug & play installation and can be remove easily at anytime rendering the car back in standard form, with no trace. It does not make any changes to settings or software of your vehicle.

With the DTS Ultimate chip your diesel vehicle will gain about 40% more power, 40% more torque and 20% less fuel consumption. Using the most advanced technology, DTS Ultimate Chip is the safest and most cost effective diesel upgrade in the market today.

At DTS (Diesel Tuning Systems), We would like you to feel the difference in our product. We offer free demonstration so that you can feel the POWER, TORQUE and ECONOMY. Call us at +639175700087 or +63-2-5146544 for more details.

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