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April 16, 2014

Mazda Unveils Next-Generation MX-5's Skyactiv Chassis

The last time everyone got excited about a chassis unveil, it was when Subaru showed off the BRZ Architecture in 2013. Now Mazda is doing the low-winded striptease of their all-new MX-5 starting off with its chassis which made its debut at the New York International Auto Show.

The newly developed Skyactiv-Chassis for the next-generation MX-5 is the first time Skyactiv will be used in a front mid-ship engine, rear-wheel drive layout. While Mazda says the next-generation MX-5 will be the most compact yet, the engine will be more centrally located and the center of gravity lowered. And while crash worthiness and rigidity is important, Mazda is also aiming to reduce the MX-5’s curb weight by as much as 100 kilograms.

Mazda's Chairman of the Board, Takashi Yamanouchi said, "The original concept behind the MX-5 was so simple; to offer the pure joy of a lightweight sport car that moves precisely as the driver intends. While responding to increasing safety and environmental requirements, over the 25 years since its launch we have had to continually reinvent the MX-5—far beyond simple evolution—in order to stay true to that original ideal. The history of the MX-5 is one of changing everything in order to stay the same. A history of innovating, in order to preserve."

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