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April 5, 2014

The Search Starts and Ends at

Want to buy a car? A house or a condo? Planning to start a business? Wanting to know if what you have is enough to get all these and more? These are big questions in life that require research. Let’s face it, everything can be found online. The question is who should you trust and who can you go to? The credibility of our sources will determine the effectivity of our search.

Today, when critical decisions are to be made, we simply consult the internet. It has been our trusted friend but it will only lead us to various sites wherein the ultimate decision to narrow our search for answers still rely on us. We click and search for familiar links and then click some more. Now, if you are searching for answers to such big ticket items, the search starts and ends on one site.

The country's biggest thrift bank, BPI Family Savings Bank, recently introduced more improvements in its one-stop online shop to provide its growing clientele a seemless customer experience. Through its various new features, a prospective buyer can narrow his search for a car, a home, or a business by just going to one comprehensive site.

In, you will be able to determine if what you have financially as an individual, as a couple or as a family, is enough for you to be able to purchase that dream house, car, or business.

It has a Loan Calculator that will compute your income and will assess if your resources are adequate to make a purchase of these big but essential items, assets that every Filipino aspires to have.

For Auto Loan, the site has a gallery of vehicle brands that you can look at with corresponding line up of features and prices that you can compare and match according to your needs and lifestyle.

For Housing Loan, it has over 100,000 property options available in its real estate directory composed of newly-developed and still being developed condos, properties being sold by private individuals (secondary market), and the acquired properties of BPI.

For Ka-Negosyo, it has a Franchise Finder which helps you narrow your search for possible brands and companies that you can franchise, especially if you are a newbie in the business realm.

“We know that big decisions usually involve big money. We want our clients and future clients to be informed well to help them make big decisions that open up to a higher level of experience that brings life to  its finest. We want every Filipino to dream big and aspire to have their own cars, houses or even engage in business if that means improving their lives and that of their families. enables them to avoid the unguarded process of searching the whole world for answers to big decisions. We are here and we are credible; and, we want to help. We want to give more to our clients like never before. So, is a product of that desire. Practically, the search starts and ends here,” says BPI Family Savings Bank President, Mr. TG Limcaoco.

Throughout the years, BPI Family Savings Bank remains relevant to its consumer market by giving them ways on how they could easily achieve their dreams and by guiding them with easy processes every step of the way. They empower their clients, even the first-timers, through an extensive platform such as in which they can easily do a self-assessment of their financial capacity based on schemes and offers easily accessible at the press of a few buttons.

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