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April 15, 2014

Petron Formulates Fuels for the Filipino Motorist

As the only and the biggest Filipino fuel refiner, Petron takes pride in its capability to formulate world-class products for Filipino motorists. Having served the fuel needs of the country for more than 80 years, Petron has a deep understanding of the driving conditions on Philippine roads, with its R&D team constantly creating fuels that will deliver optimum efficiency for every type of vehicle. Whether you are driving a luxury sports car, a family van, a cargo truck, a motorcycle or a public utility vehicle, Petron has a fuel designed to meet your motoring needs with the best value.

Gasoline fuels for all types of vehicles

Petron Blaze 100 Euro 4: Meets European Quality Standards is a revolutionary fuel formulated to unleash the full potential of high performance vehicles. It is the only Euro 4 compliant fuel with 100-octane rating, and delivers powerful performance while meeting stringent emission standards. It is the premium plus gasoline of choice with 90% less sulfur and 50% less benzene, for high-end, high performance vehicles. It is formulated with fully-synthetic additive, organic combustion enhancer, and friction modifiers that provide outstanding engine performance, improved fuel economy, and reduced emissions.

Petron XCS: Complete Combustion System is a 95-octane high-quality premium gasoline formulated with an additive technology based on organic combustion enhancer for quick engine response, excellent engine protection, and optimal fuel efficiency.

Petron Xtra Advance: Go for the Xtra Miles is the proven efficient fuel generally recommended for all types of gasoline vehicles. This regular grade 93-octane gasoline is formulated with performance additives that provide engine cleanliness and efficient combustion.

Petron Super Xtra: Super Xtra Saver is the regular priced quality gasoline of Petron. It has 91-octane rating and contains a multifunctional detergent additive that cleans harmful engine deposits and protects the fuel system from corrosion. It provides clean engine, good fuel economy, smooth run under stop and go conditions, and reduced emissions—perfect for Filipino motorists on a budget.

Hi-tech diesel fuels

Petron Turbo Diesel: High Performance Diesel is a technologically-advanced fuel, enhanced with robust multifunctional additives designed to unleash the full power and maximum performance of today’s modern and sophisticated diesel engines. It has high ignition quality and combustibility that maximize fuel energy conversion for maximum engine power and efficiency. It has the ability to effectively clean up and keep clean the fuel injection system to deliver exceptional protection and sustained optimum performance.

Petron Diesel Max: Above All Diesels is a diesel fuel with robust and multifunctional additives designed to provide improved fuel economy and reduced emissions. It has the ability to maintain and improve fuel injection system cleanliness through unsurpassed detergency characteristics.

Alternative fuel

Petron Xtend AutoLPG is liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) primarily used as an alternative fuel for automotive vehicles. It helps reduce fuel and maintenance costs, with cleaner exhaust emissions. This is most widely-used by taxi operators who have equipped their units with an AutoLPG conversion kit for a dual fuel system.

Largest Service Station Network 

Petron now has the largest service station network in the Philippines with over 2,000 stations nationwide. These range from mega stations with many convenience facilities and partner establishments located along the expressways, to small, strategically-located micro-filling stations in remote, rural locations—all designed to bring Petron closer and more accessible to Filipino motorists, from all walks of life.

All Petron service stations are built and operated to stringent standards to ensure that customers get fuels tested and handled meticulously every step of the way, accurate fuel volume every time they gas up, along with customer service that goes the extra mile.


  1. so, it's still rather vague which fuel to use.
    assuming my car had no restrictions on octane ratings, if i wanted performance, i'd go with blaze. otherwise, just stick to super xtra, right?
    since all variants has almost all the same features anyway - "efficient"/"enhanced" combustion, "cleans the engine", "reduced emissions', etc.

  2. basically its just market segmentation, high end suv owners wont feel good if their fueling up on the same diesel that the dirty PUJ ahead of them is filling up on diba?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I like their API CJ-4 Deasel engine oil. It is the most advance.

  5. Where is a Petron Xtend AutoLPG gas station for LPG cars near Alabang?


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