Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Honda Offers Wash Over Promo Until September 2015

Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI) announced its much sought after promo is back!  For as low as Php 27,000, Honda’s Washover service can restore your car’s original paint to its brand new spectacle. Customers save half the price from its original suggested retail price of Php 54,000. Plus with Honda’s highly-trained technicians, modern drying facilities, and premium-quality paint, you can be assured of a brand new look for your car.

To complement your Honda’s new paint, Honda is also offering up to 70% discount on selected parts and accessories. The parts and accessory discount is exclusively offered to those who will avail of the Washover Promo and is on a limited, while-supplies last offer only.

Honda’s Washover Promo is available at selected Honda Dealerships nationwide. Promo runs from June 15 to September 30, 2015 only.

P27,000 is for the repainting of Brio, Brio Amaze, City, Jazz, and Civic units only without additional repairs. Re-painting for CR-V, Accord, Pilot, and Odyssey units starts at P33,000.


  1. Is this also available for Civic SIR 2000 model?

    1. As it says in the story, applicable to all models. This includes your SiR too.

    2. That's good news, I better start saving so I can get this done by September.

  2. What I' really want to know is that can a wash over really restore the car's original paint? I mean the fresh from the factory quality paint. I heard people saying the factory paint can never be replicated...

    1. It's true that factory paint can't be replicated unless you plan to strip the car and re-paint it entirely.

      But for a lot of folks, a washover is the most affordable and quickest way to give their cars a second lease in life...especially if the paint is already faded or worn out.


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