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June 22, 2015

Kia Philippines Celebrates the Environment with Coastal Care Project

CAC gathered its workforce on June 6, 2015 for the company’s annual CSR initiative, dubbed as CAC Coastal Care. The event mobilized executives and employees from all departments to clear the Lobo seashore of debris and to make good on their annual CSR theme of “A cleaner tomorrow begins today.”

The beautiful seascape in Lobo, Batangas is home to a rich underwater ecosystem and boasts of a fine, sandy shoreline. Both locals and tourists marvel at its beauty but the site is sometimes threatened by careless visitors who leave their trash or by unsightly sea weeds, dried leaves, husks, twigs, and even plastics and bottles.

Dozens of bags containing mix litter and dried leaves were collected during the whole day activity. Though visibly tired, CAC personnel were all smiles seeing the result of their hard work– a spotless and picturesque beachfront.

CAC partnered with Lobo Water District (LWD) to carry out the mission of caring for the coast. LWD is the water service provider for 14 barangays of Lobo and is tasked to care and maintain the Lobo watershed. LWD works with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources for the conservation, protection, and sustainable development of watershed areas under the water district’s jurisdiction.

To help with LWD’s environment-friendly efforts such as coastal clean-ups and greening programs, CAC donated Php 20,000 for their cause.

CAC Marketing Manager, Nenuka F. Guba, lauded everyone’s continuing commitment to the cause.
“Last year, CAC started its CSR program with a tree-planting project in Lumban, Laguna called “Greener Tomorrow.” Not only were we able to contribute to the national greening program but we also saw how much the employees appreciated being one with nature,” she said.

Guba added, "The Philippines is known for our amazing underwater resources and equally stunning beaches but it’s disheartening to see pollution cripple these natural wonders. CAC saw the need to raise awareness and to take action; hence the Coastal Care program came to fruition. We hope that this collective action will inspire everyone at CAC, and even the public, to preserve and care for the environment.”

The pursuit of a greener and cleaner tomorrow is far from over but CAC is steadfast in taking the steps to achieve this goal for Mother Nature.

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