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October 18, 2016

This Peugeot Mill is the Perfect Gift for Car Buffs and Budding Chefs Alike

Here’s a bit of automotive trivia for you folks: Peugeot didn’t start out making cars immediately. Two centuries ago, the Peugeot family grain mill started producing saw blades and in 1840, brought their first coffee mill to market. Thirty four years later, the company produced its first pepper mill, whose mechanism is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Today, it’s actually easy for you to spot Peugeot mills being used at high-end restaurants, provided of course, you don’t irk the chef first. PSP (Poivrières Salières Productions) designs, manufactures, and exports 2.5 million Peugeot mills throughout the world and they’re sought-after by chefs and restaurateurs for its precision and longevity.

So what do you get when you have Peugeot Design Lab, the company’s Global Brand Design studio collaborate with PSP to revisit the humble tabletop pepper and salt mills? You get this: the next-generation of mills.

Part of the Moulin line, the Moulin Peugeot Design Lab pepper and salt mills do look as high-tech as Peugeot’s i-Cockpit interface and that’s saying something. The design features a tapered, dynamic shape that’s both understated and formal. It’s made of aluminum for that technical feel while the wooden handle makes it warm and sensual to the hands. The white lacquered stand supports both the form and function of the mills.

More than just pure design, the mill is designed to be held in an inclined position rather than vertically. Once the grains are ground, they do not directly fall into the dish, but rather are guided by a receptacle formed by the mill body, which makes it possible to precisely judge and control the quantity of seasoning.

Since Christmas is fast approaching, you can actually get the Moulin Peugeot Design Lab mills over at the Peugeot Online Boutique where they sell for € 99.00 (P 5,300~) apiece.

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