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October 26, 2016

Muntinlupa is Philippines' E-Jeepney Capital

Muntinlupa City is fast shaping up as the greenest city in the country, its reputation built around its advocacy to deploy electric jeepneys in various sites in the city. Along this line, they can already stake claim to the title of the “E-Jeepney Capital of the Philippines”. For after all, it has the most number of Electric Jeepneys running in one city, thanks to the efforts of the local government unit and the private sector alike.

So from the hustle and the bustle of the city, to the vast expanse and corporate ambiance of Filinvest City Alabang, to the cool and quiet surroundings of Ayala Alabang Village, one finds E-Jeepneys quietly but efficiently plying their routes.

Muntinlupa City Mayor Jaime Fresnedi has launched a pioneering E-Jeepney for Free or EJF program exclusively for its yellow card holders. The LGU uses a special card reader that swipes the card and keeps track of the yellow card holders who use the free green public transport system. If the passenger is not a yellow card holder, all he has to do is sign a logbook and the ride is free.

At the Barangay Hall in Muntinlupa are ten yellow E-Jeepneys parked on their respective charging bays in a charging station. Just right across the Barangay Hall inside the South Star Jeepney Terminal, there are two Jeepney slots allotted specifically for E-Jeepneys. Two additional E-Jeepneys are fielded inside the plush Ayala Alabang Village.

But the biggest E-Jeepney fleet operation in Muntinlupa is the E-Jeepney public transport system being managed by EVEEI or the Electric Vehicle Expansion Enterprises Inc. inside Filinvest City Alabang. This company was given the right to operate a green fleet of electric jeepneys within the 240-hectare Filinvest City, the flagship real estate development of the Filinvest Development Group.

This E-Jeepney Program is called the Filinvest City 360 Eco Loop wherein about 20 E-Jeepneys are fielded to service the bustling population of workers, office staff, shoppers, visitors and residents of the huge mixed-use real estate development.

EVEEI General Manager Rex Vergel says that by taking a ride in one of their E-Jeepneys, one will experience the fresh air and convenience of riding an E-Jeepney, which is in stark contrast to the smoky and noisy traditional Jeepneys. “We have effectively organized our E-Jeepneys and determined the optimum dispatch schedule for our E-Jeepneys to maximize efficiency in our operations. We have also learned a lot in terms of battery charging and maintaining the E-Jeepneys. So now, not only do we have an operational template that ensures efficiency but also an effective proof of concept that EV technology really works for E-Jeepneys for mass transport operations within Filinvest City and anywhere else for that matter”.


  1. Do the new e-jeeps have security features that the original jeeps didn't have? I mean, if they're going to recreate the iconic jeepney, they should make it road-worthy in this day and age. Jeepneys, like trikes, are death traps on wheels. No functional seatbelts, no ABS, no front and side airbags, no crumple zones, etc.

    Merely going e-friendly is not enough. It is a step in the wrong direction, as the rise of e-jeeps and e-trikes institutionalizes the lack of focus on safety for vehicles that need it the most. We fret whenever we hear exploding Takata airbags, or SUVs that tip over; but we pat ourselves in the back when our homebrewed creations get an electric makeover. What are we saving the planet for, if we're consigning thousands of our fellow filipinos to death and disability every year from badly engineered e-vehicles?

  2. who needs safety features in traffic?... heck, even 3rd world country PUV's has no airbags and we are perfectly fine with it. adding safety hoolabaloos will defeat the purpose of economy, productions cost and sustainability.
    coffee time muna...

    1. Says the anonymous coward who probably doesn't know what a safety feature is. Sorry but don't drag us to your level of ignorance.

  3. do you know the best safety feature around? - - its the DRIVER. a responsible driver who cares for people. Not someone like you who relies on safety features to save lives. even princess diana died inside the safest mercedes benz because of her stupid driver. Paul walker died on a safety packed porsche becoz of the stupid driver he is with.. do your homework mr.genius

    1. Safety packed Porsche ? Oh boy that's funny. The Carrera GT was basically a race car for the road, so it didn't really have any safety............ and also no one ever found out about the death of Princess Diana, if you know that it was the driver then why dont you tell the world about it because people are still curious. Do your research next time mr. Genius and I also like the way you spell because genius.


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