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October 1, 2016

Honda Cars Philippines 2016 Sales Driven by City, Mobilio

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), announces its sales performance for the month of August 2016. HCPI’s Year-To-Date (YTD) sales grew by 19 percent from January to August with a total of 14,496 vehicle sales, compared to the same period in 2015 with 12,167 vehicles sold. The reported sales increase is attributed to the brand’s main contributors, particularly the City and the Mobilio.

The New City remains as the best-selling model among HCPI’s fourteen (14) vehicle line-up with a remarkable 41 percent share in HCPI’s year-to-date sales. It also advances its segment for leading the 1.5-liter sedan category. HCPI strives to increase its City sales by introducing a new Limited Edition Variant for its only locally produced vehicle. The New City 1.5 E Limited Edition Variant is equipped with exclusive Daytime Running Lights (DRL), Door Visors, speed-sensing Auto Door Lock, key fob with Panic Button, and a Limited Edition emblem.

Furthermore, HCPI takes pride in the New Mobilio for contributing a significant 24 percent in HCPI’s year-to-date sales, and is now HCPI’s second best-selling model. Since its introduction in the Philippine market last year, the Mobilio already leads the 1.5-liter small MPV segment with a 127-percent sales lead ahead of its main competitor.

HCPI continues to serve the market by constantly developing and providing more high-quality vehicles. During the 6th Philippine International Motor Show, HCPI launched its newest 7-seater SUV, the All-New BR-V.

The All-New BR-V’s spacious 7-seating capacity, masculine exterior design, conveniently-sized body, advanced features, and top-notch safety technology will surely delight the Filipino family looking for a fully-packed but affordable SUV.


  1. That's quite surprising. The Mobilio is a perennial seller, that I can see, but I'm quite surprised that Honda was able to sell more Cities than it. In fact, I was expecting the HR-V to be Honda's main cash cow now, since I've been seeing it left and right in the metro ever since it became available.

    1. HRV's sales seem kinda weak in other parts of the Philippines like Mindanao. The HRV is a rare sight here but the city, you can see in almost every corner.

  2. I didn't expect the mobilio would sell that much more than the avanza & ertiga????

    1. The Avanza and the Ertiga has weaker AND less fuel-efficient engines, not to mention the 4AT pales on comparison with Honda's refined CVT. Still, I was also surprised because I expected the Ertiga to outsell both. Kudos to Honda by giving the Mobilio a price that finally matches its rivals.

      Now if only the Civic can do the same.

    2. i think mobilio edge out the ertiga in terms of styling, space, power & branding the only thing it got going was its
      pricing... as for the new avanza its a diahatsu and almost a decade old design nothing new here


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