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October 10, 2016

Ford Philippines Third Quarter 2016 Sales Jump 32 Percent

Ford Philippines today announced its best-ever third quarter performance with retail sales rising 32 percent year-over-year to 8,224 vehicles,driven by continued demand for the EcoSport, Ranger, and Everest.

The record quarter helped Ford continue on course to another record year and remain one of the fastest growing auto brands in the Philippines with sales through September rising 50 percent to 24,993 vehicles.

“Our full lineup of global Ford vehicles is contributing to another exceptional year of growth. EcoSport, Everest and Ranger continue to be the main drivers, but the rest of our showroom, including vehicles like Explorer, Fiesta and Mustang, are helping build on the broad-based appeal for the Ford brand in the market,” explained Lance Mosley, managing director, Ford Philippines.

The EcoSport delivered its best-ever quarter with sales increasing 19 percent from a year ago to 2,612 vehicles. September EcoSport sales were the highest month this year, climbing 59 percent year-over-year to 892 vehicles.

The Everest was Ford’s best-selling vehicle in the third quarter, delivering retail sales of 2,661 vehicles including September total sales of 843 vehicles.

The segment-defining Ranger pickup delivered third quarter retail sales that increased 8 percent year-over-year to 1,976 vehicles, including September sales of 645 vehicles.

Ford expects Ranger sales to be given another boost through year-end with the introduction later this month of the Ranger FX4 – a special variant of the Ranger XLT that features a tougher and sportier appearance with additional premium features.

The premium Explorer SUV contributed to the record quarter with sales rising 22 percent to 231 vehicles, including sales of 89 vehicles sold in September.

The Mustang’s September sales of 43 vehicles were its best this year, helping drive its third quarter sales up to 104 vehicles.


  1. Can we get an article that discusses the sales of Toyota and Mitsubishi as well? I'm interested in the performance of the Top 3

  2. How about an article enumerating the top 3 sellers for each car category? Top 3 PPV? Top 3 CUV? etc.

    1. ^How about an article enumerating the top 3 worse after-sales service providers category? Top 3 brands with difficult parts? Top 3 brands with insufficient personnel competence? etc.

    2. Yeah, top sellers per category sounds like an interesting article too.

      Top worse after-sales service articles sounds like an article that invites a lot of hate and online flaming. Not my cup of tea.

    3. the way they handle service, its good idea to expose their rotten system and protect the consumers. maybe we can have a survey

  3. Will Ford release the 2017 Escape version in the Philippines? If so, when?


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