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October 9, 2016

OMP Meccanica Jump Starter is a Power Bank and Jump Starter Rolled into One

It’s bound to happen—if a power bank can charge smartphones, tablets, and even laptops, why wouldn’t it be able to jumpstart a car? Well, that’s a reality now with the OMP Jump Starter—basically a power bank and jump starter all in one.

Whether a car’s a daily driver or weekend garage queen, the immense load brought about by advanced electricals means that a car’s battery is bound to fail at some time; and anyone who’s had to experience a dead battery and having to wait for a replacement knows the hassle involved. The OMP Jump Starter prevents this problem by providing an emergency jump start for weak car batteries.

Apart from being able to jumpstart a car, the OMP Jump Starter can also supply power to a car refrigerator and other 12-volt devices. It also has an emergency LED lamp for nighttime emergencies. A built-in protection system prevents overcharging and short circuiting making it a safe plug-and-play device that even the most novice car owner will be able to use.

A well-known Italian brand that made its name manufacturing racing safety equipment and tuning accessories, OMP is renowned for its quality and meticulous attention to detail. In 2014, Autosport Equipment began licensing the OMP name including OMP Meccanica, producing quality garage tools and accessories.

The OMP Jump Starter is now available at all Blade Auto Centers nationwide.

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