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February 14, 2022

Lexus Production Hits A Snag This March

Toyota is adjusting its production schedule this coming March due to the ongoing shortage of semiconductors and other parts.

The production stoppage isn’t as drastic as those in January or February, unless you’re waiting for your brand-new Lexus. For a period of 13 days, or close to half a month, Toyota is stopping production at its Kyushu Miyata Plant Production Line #1—where the Lexus NX (lead photo), Lexus CT, and Lexus UX are assembled. Meanwhile, Production Line #2, where the Lexus ES and Lexus RX are assembled will stop for three days.

Initially, the Japanese carmaker wanted to produce 950,000 units globally for March, but because of the lack of parts, they have to cut that number down by around 100,000. The full fiscal year forecast ending March 31, 2022 is projected to be around 8.5 million units.

Aside from production cuts, Toyota is considering the use of substitutes “where possible” in anticipation of the continuing shortage, and they are currently consulting their suppliers for this possible move.

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