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February 10, 2022

Toyota Motor PH Selling Gazoo Racing Parts For The 2022 Raize

As Toyota Motor Philippines’ first sub-compact SUV, the Raize is a game-changer of sorts of the brand. Less than one week after its official launch, we’ve managed to see at least one different unit every single day—a testament of how fast these things are selling.

With Toyota expecting to sell around a thousand of these every month, what could make your Raize stand out from the rest? Well, how about dipping into some genuine accessories including some Gazoo Racing parts?

Knowledgeable readers would know that Toyota sells a GR Sport version of the Raize, at least in Indonesia. However, with Toyota Motor Philippines not planning to add yet another variant to the four they already have, the closest we could get to a Raize GR Sport would be through the accessories catalog.

To get the GR Sport look, you’ll need to install the GR Front Skirt, GR Rear Skirt, GR Side Skirt, GR Side Visor, and of course, some GR side stripes. Together, the package will set you back P 70,800.

For those who aren’t into the whole Gazoo Racing look, no worries. Toyota is also selling more practical accessories such as a rear bumper step guard, luggage tray, and so forth.

Check out the full list of accessories below. Take note that all prices are inclusive of VAT.

2022 Toyota Raize Gazoo Racing Accessories
  • GR Front Skirt (Part # P5154BZA0Q00) – P 17,800
  • GR Rear Skirt (Part # P5156BZA0A00) – P 21,500
  • GR Side Skirt Set (Part # P5158BZA0N00) – P 20,500
  • GR Side Stripe for Light-Colored Vehicle (Part # P5186BZA0X) – P 4,600
  • GR Side Stripe for Dark-Colored Vehicle (Part # P5186BZA10) – P 4,600
  • GR Side Visor (Part # P5162BZA1B) – P 6,400
2022 Toyota Raize Basic and Functional Accessories
  • Seat Cover Khaki/Black for G & E Grade (Part # 71004YZA09) – P 1,500
  • Seat Cover Corduroy Black for G & E Grade (Part # 71004YZA10) – P 1,700
  • Seat Cover Leatherette for G & E Grade (Part # 71004YZA11) – P 10,900
  • Sunshade (Part # 64350YZA08) – P 1,400
  • Luggage Tray (Part # 64429YZA19) – P 2,500
  • Side Visor (Part # P5162BZA1J) – P 5,000
  • Muffler Cutter Design 1 (Part # PS413BZ001) – P 2,900
  • Muffler Cutter Design 2 (Part # C408S01100) – P 3,100
  • RR Bumper Step Guard (Part # 52159YZA15) – P 2,200
  • Back Camera for E Grade (Part # PC634BZ016) – P 11,500
  • Premium Horn (Part # PC6A2BZ001) – P 4,900
2022 Toyota Raize Exterior Styling Accessories
  • Side Under Guard (Part # C412S02000) – P 25,000
  • Side Molding (Part # C412S02200) – P 11,600
  • Back Door Chrome (Part # C412S02400) – P 4,200

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