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February 7, 2022

The All-New Toyota Raize Supports The Filipino Spirit

One of the reasons that Filipinos love Toyota is because it’s a brand that can be relied on. A Toyota, no matter the model or generation, is consistent in its quality. As one of the automotive industry’s pioneering Japanese car companies, every new introduction sets a benchmark and every innovation is designed to lead. Taking a step further, every vehicle it makes takes a cue from the brand’s underlying philosophy of bringing mobility to all.

Toyota Motor Philippines’s entry into the sub-compact SUV segment with the Raize is no different. It was initially perplexing that Toyota should launch a sub-compact SUV much later than its competitors.
The question as to why was on everyone’s minds, not to mention how the brand intends to push forward, considering that so many others have established themselves in the category.

One could say the decision was driven largely by the growth in the entry-level SUV segment; it accounts for 49 percent of all SUV sales, after all. But it’s more than that. According to the number one car brand in the country, the reason is simple: it’s the perfect time.

The market is primed for a new generation of SUV that addresses the demand of a changing lifestyle. Instead of diving head-first into the category along with every other brand, Toyota bided its time and configured a car that is designed to support the Filipino independent spirit that is had become more prevalent in recent years. The Raize raises the stakes (pardon the pun) by being the perfect all-around package—a versatile, accessible sub-compact that is youthful in its overall image, equipped with the modern amenities to complement a professional’s lifestyle, and unparalleled in its performance. And because it’s a Toyota, it promises to be painless to own with preventive maintenance service not costing more than P 4,000 per visit.

The persona that is the foundation of the Raize concept is one who is ambitious, practical, and goal-oriented. The owner of a Toyota Raize is a person of promise; someone who understands the role that he plays in the home and the community and is keen to succeed for himself, while being generous to share this success with those around him—much like how Toyota’s progress is one that is attributed to the contribution and benefit of its customer base.

Holding steadfast to its 46.3 percent market share in the Philippines, Toyota aims at moving at least 1,000 units of the Toyota Raize every month in 2022. Their target? To claw back their sales to more than 162,000 vehicles—or back to pre-pandemic levels (as a reference, they did 129,667 in 2021 and 100,019 in 2020).

Built with a solid concept and backed by the brand’s reputation for performance and reliability, Toyota Motor Philippines is confident to reach this forecast by adopting fresh marketing strategies beyond traditional media. According to Sherwin Chua-Lim, TMP’s Vice-President for Marketing, this includes continuously investing in digital advertising and utilizing tools in social media. The turnaround, however, will be coming from consistent marketing and sales promotion efforts with its vast 70-strong dealer network, which would allow them to directly reach more potential customers nationwide.

The Toyota Raize came at a time when SUVs have become all the rage. In Toyota’s view, the trend has only just begun, as they foretell that while the category is prominent in the upper market segment, the bigger opportunity lies in the sub-compact; one that Toyota still considered untapped, and has the most room to grow.

Words by Gen Tiu.

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  1. How's the initial reception of car buyers to the Raize?
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