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June 5, 2022

Air Spencer, The Original Canned Air Freshener, Could Be The Perfect Father's Day Gift

Looking for a great Father’s Days gift? Consider giving the “joy of aromas” with Air Spencer. The automotive fragrance from Kyoto, Japan-based company Eikosha is available with special 6.6 deals on both Shopee and Lazada.

Air Spencer commercialized the idea of the canned air fresher way back in 1980. Air Spencer air fresheners use a special ceramic-based absorbent material that not only absorbs both water- and oil-based fragrances (no spills), but is also excellent at a controlled release to maintain its original fragrance for a long period of time. Even the can is uniquely designed in that it can be opened at both the top and bottom. This allows customers to enjoy the fragrance without any leftover.

Today, Air Spencer is available in more than 30 fragrances. There are even unique accessories such as can holders and vent clips that help keep Air Spencer air fresheners in place.

For those who want something more subtle, Air Spencer has also come up with the Giga line that attaches directly to the air conditioning vent.

Air Spencer is distributed in the Philippines by TSL Marketing. Aside from Shopee and Lazada, it’s also available at modern hardware stores and leading car accessories shops nationwide.

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