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June 5, 2022

Hyundai Motor PH Quietly Opens Customer Care Hotline

Unknown to many, newly-appointed Hyundai passenger cars distributor Hyundai Motor Philippines, Inc. started its operations last June 1, 2022, a day after they called a rather haphazard press con that announced their upcoming products—products that their dealers have been leaking for months.

Well, in a second move that just flew under the radar, HMPH (their official acronym) just opened their new customer service hotline. This should give customers, who felt like they were dropped like a hot potato during the transition, a bit of assurance that they’ll now be taken care of.

For inquiries, their contact information is now listed as: +63 2 8866 7000. Customers can also contact them through email at customercare [at]

As for their new website, which is yet to be populated, it’s now tied into Hyundai’s global website. For those who’re curious about their new address, it’s at the 17th floor, Finance Centre 26th Street corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

There is a portion there too where they are seeking new dealer partners, a sign that their first order of business would be to expand the Hyundai dealer network.

In a statement posted on HMPH’s website, president, Dong Wook Lee says:
“We would would [sic] like to increase market awareness on the Hyundai vision and mission locally. Hyundai’s Vision is Progress or Humanity. We believe progress only becomes meaningful when it is connected with a deep sense of humanity. Humanity unites us, makes us stronger. It guides us in our investments and drives our innovations. Our brand direction and manifesto for The Philippines is ‘INNOVATE EVERYDAY’ where we share your passion to improve, to keep moving ahead and we believe better days should be always ahead of us.”
We’ve done our part and sent them queries through the email address they provided to ask about the global recalls affecting their units. And if these units are affected, how they plan to communicate and/or fix these problems, especially that a good friend of ours just lost his house.


  1. Uly, thank you for sending that very important query about Hyundai global recalls and customer safety.
    Let us see how Hyundai Ph will respond. That will demonstrate if Hyundai prioritizes customer safety or not.
    PS. What legal action is your friend doing in relation to the unfortunate incident?

    1. Unfortunately, his legal counsel says the case is weak :-( we don't have the same level of consumer protection than say in the U.S.

      We'll give more detail on his story when he's ready to talk about what happen.

    2. Everybody should put a car enthusiast in the Senate

    3. They already put robin padilla LOL

  2. Honestly, I feel sad, and angry, for what happened to your friend.
    I thought the Phil Lemon Law is enough to protect car owners. I guess we need tougher laws against dangerous vehicle defects.
    Among Phil automotive sites, only Carguide and one other major site have mentioned about Hyundai vehicle problems. I deeply appreciate your honesty.

  3. Ph lemon law didnot even solved of what really happened to alleged montero SUA. DTI just buried it under the rug, they should have issued a statement on that matter to clear things up.

    1. Yes, the previous Montero SUA was never fully resolved..


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