Sunday, September 6, 2015

Volkswagen Philippines Brings in Award-Winning Passat (w/ Video)

Photos by Ulysses Ang
Volkswagen Philippines will officially be entering the executive sedan segment with the all-new 2016 Passat (B8) beginning in October of this year. However, as part of a series of preview nights, VW has given members of the media a sneak peek of the 2015 European Car of the Year.

“The introduction of the award-winning Passat will become the biggest product launch of the year for Volkswagen Philippines…we expect it to lead the pack and our confidence stems from the winning characteristics of spaciousness, refinement, power, technology, and safety that only a German-engineered Volkswagen vehicle can seamlessly combine,” says Mr. John Philip Orbeta, Volkswagen Philippines President and CEO.

Targeted for executives and businessmen with a high level of prestige, the Passat has been earning favorable reviews worldwide for its passenger and cargo space, refined and quiet ride, power engines, and top safety scores.

The Passat comes straight from Wolfsburg, Germany to the Philippines complete with design and technological touches that make it a standout in the executive car class. Clarity and power are the two defining aspects of the all-new Passat and aims to go for a design that’s not simply fashionable but remains contemporary. The lines emphasize length with a ‘cab-backward design’ that includes a long hood that creates a high-class feel. Among the exterior features include LED headlights, 18-inch alloy wheels, a panoramic sunroof, and a rear view camera.

Along with the timeless exterior, the interior designers have developed a cockpit with high levels of aesthetics, clarify, and quality. The horizontally-themed cockpit features precisely executed details such as the Active Info Display that replaces traditional gauge clusters with a large LCD display. Furthermore, it has features such as a working GPS navigation system, an infotainment system with smartphone mirroring, 12-way electric front seats with built-in massagers for the driver, and a tri-zone climate control system.

Initially, it will be offered with a single powertrain: a 2.0-liter TSI gasoline engine shared with the Golf GTI hot hatch. The front-wheel drive Passat tops out with 220 horsepower. This engine is mated to a quick shifting 6-speed dual clutch transmission (DSG) that integrates a coasting function. In addition, it also has the Golf’s Driving Profile Selector that allows the driver to switch to one of five driving modes: Eco, Sport, Comfort, Normal, and Individual. This 2.0 TSI engine also features Volkswagen’s Blue Motion technology that further reduces carbon dioxide emissions while increasing fuel efficiency. Among the technology present are: an idle start/stop, regenerative braking technology, and the use of low rolling resistance tires. This initial powertrain set-up will be joined by a TDI turbo diesel engine soon making the Passat the only one in the executive sedan class to offer both gasoline and diesel-fed variants.

The all-new Passat will be officially launched on October 21 and will be available in at least two variants: the High Line and Business Line models. The indicative pricing starts from P 2,250,000 and tops out at P 2,750,000.


  1. good alternative against the bmw 3 or the merc C class

    1. It is nothing like a BMW or Merc. It's a VW.

      Sure, it's quite nice, but all the Germans are overpriced in the Philippines. For the money, I'd be in an IS350 any day of the week.

    2. Yup. I'd skip VW at this price. They're not as premium as a BMW or Lexus.

      VW better get their shit together and adjust the price correctly.

    3. Pricing is in-line with what Volvo and Peugeot are offering for similar cars so pricing is still within its intended competition...

  2. Noooo! I don't spend 3M for a Lexus... Not even 2,5M.. It's still a Japanese car regardless it's better quality compared to Toyota. At this Price point it's intelligent to go European particular German! You are right a 3 series 318d cost around 2,8M. I would brainstorm too.. But a 3 series and cc class are much smaller than this Passat for a bit more money. So we can't compare them they are 2 different classes, the Passat is a midsize Sedan.

  3. Hey carguide.PH Do you know the specs for the 2,250M and 2,750M variant. What you get more for the high end Variant? What justifies its 500k higher price?? To be honest 2,250M doesn't sound too bad at all for the Passat compared to the jerky oeugeot 508

  4. Top of the line Passat for me. More features, more powerful drive train and bigger space compared to the Mercedes C and BMW 3 series.

  5. Top of the line Passat for me. More features, more powerful drive train and bigger space compared to the Mercedes C and BMW 3 series.

  6. Shameless social-climbing car. VW will never have the cachet of a BMW or Mercedes Benz. VW is and has always been in the same class of Toyota, which was smart enough to establish Lexus to take on BMW and Mercedes.

  7. I think IS350 is in a different category vs the new Passat. IS is more for sport handling (although German cars can run faster with the same HP rating),but not so comfortable for city driving (just sold mine after 2 years of ownership).

    Passat is targeted towards the 320's and C200's and a step up vs Camry/Accord. Decent power with a solid feel but with a lot more high tech toys.

    The Passat's low profile look is kinda growing on me and if VW Phils included the Dynaudio as standard, then you have an even better winner as you will be entertained better while stuck in hopeless Manila traffic :)

  8. Lexus is an upgraded version of Toyota while Audi is the upgraded version of VW. My uncle has a Lexus IS while I drive a VW Passat. Anyway, if you want to compre Passat to Lexus I, Passat is more roomy, more classy in terms of interior materials, and more solid body. I have never paid a cent since I brought the car 2 yrs ago, all services and done by my dealer while my contemporaries who own Honda, Toyota, and Altima needs to do their maintenance every 5000 km and very expensive service charges. Not to mention I feel more safe with my passat.

  9. pretty much a new A4 interior minus the more premium price of an audi.good pricing too considering it has the lamborghini/audi lcd technologies,leds etc. well all is well anyway,VW is audi is lamborghini and so on. VW will never market their cars as competitors with other brands,because they have the biggest luxury car market share already.. its like samsung phones,bashed by apple users(more premium perse) but apple is tiny compared to samsung company.