Monday, September 21, 2015

Foton to Compete in SUV Market with Toplander; Philippine Market Debut Set at Foton Big Show 2015

Foton is getting ready to field its first-ever Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) in the Philippines with the market launch of the Toplander. Expected to be priced competitively, the Toplander is poised to steal sales away from the Asian Utility Vehicle (AUV) and entry-level MPV and SUV market.

Available in both 4x2 and 4x4 variants, the Toplander is underpinned by the same tough and reliable chassis of the Foton Thunder pick-up truck. It also shares the same powerful and durable 2.8-liter Cummins diesel engine under the hood. Interestingly, this Cummins diesel actually is already Euro 4 compliant. Foton Philippines will make the final announcement on specifications and pricing at the show.

Aside from the Toplander, the Foton Big Show 2015 will offer the best deals on brand-new Foton vehicles that range from discounts to low all-in down payments to flexible financing schemes to freebies. These offers are available across the Foton line-up from the Thunder to the View Traveller and View Transvan to even the company’s line of trucks.

This year’s theme of “Up to the Challenge” aims to showcase the brand’s rapidly expanding range of competitive commercial vehicles. In fact, Foton Philippines has announced that they’ve already reached the same volume sales as they did for the entirety of 2014 with still four months to go. Foton has also mentioned that they’re just 10 percent shy of attaining their annual sales forecast for 2015.

The Foton Big Show started out as the “Palitan Fest” in 2010 and was renamed as the “Foton Big Show” in 2011. Since then, it’s always been the venue for the brand to showcase its rapidly expanding range of vehicles. Currently, they have the widest range of commercial vehicles and have become a household name when it comes to their diesel expertise and no-nonsense vehicles which can empower your business.

The Foton Big Show 2015 opens its doors on October 2, 2015 and will run until October 4, 2015. Admission is free and gates open every day at 10am and close at 7pm.


  1. looks like a all the suv's and crossover design mashed into one, the rims from the trailblazer, a,b,c,d pillar and rear door and lights from everest, some rav4 and captiva in the hood design, lower grill from the new hilux, good job china!

  2. If pricing on the 4x2 will be about 900k and 4x4 about 1.1m, it would have a very high chance of strong sales.

    1. Pinoys will prefer reputable brands. The cummins engine is good though but not many know this.

    2. Dagdagan mo nalang ng kaunti, mas magandang brand na ang mabibili mo. Kung car loan, hindi naman ganung kalaki madadagdag sa monthly mo.

  3. have you seen the front suspension arm of the pick-up truck that this is based on the thunder? well its so thin, a few millimeters from snapping, i was even so terrified to do test drive of its brand new unit now imagine that and now add more weight to it a ton more then market it as an suv, lets be honest without willie vellame to push this crap i doubt this would compete with the likes of the Japanese brands


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