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September 20, 2015

BYD Philippines Marks Second Year with Intensity 2.0 Promo

Following its growing global presence and significant strides in Electric Vehicles, BYD, through Solar Transport and Automotive Resources Corp. (STAR Corp.), the exclusive distributor of BYD vehicles in the Philippines, is celebrating its second year with a promo entitled “Intensity 2.0”, which will surely make the experience of owning a BYD car ever more rewarding.

After two fruitful years, BYD is indeed showing one and all that it is here to stay as proven by its achievements and credentials such as:
  • An expanding roster of satisfied clients, both corporate and individual, who continue to give their testimonies on their BYD cars over the past two years; 
  • Service capabilities and corporate alliances that ensure Star Corp. has full scale operations, including a growing provincial dealership network, resulting in reliable and dependable customer care; 
  • Steadily growing partnerships with key stakeholders like banks and the Automobile Association of the Philippines, which enhance and strengthen BYD’s brand presence and customer experience.
Under the Intensity 2.0 promo, every purchase of a BYD L3, F0 and an S6, will entitle buyers to get premium items to enhance the lifestyle of potential car owners with a choice of the latest mobile gadgets like an iPhone 6 64GB or Samsung S6 Edge, travel packages to Singapore or Puerto Princesa Underground River or a three-year PMS for worry-free motoring.  Plus, buyers who purchase a BYD S6 manual transmission get to choose two premium items!

To avail of the promo, customers must purchase selected BYD cars at corresponding prices as follows: BYD S6 GS-i 2.4L DCT (P1.258 million), BYD S6 GS-i 2.0L MT (P 1.168 million); BYD L3 GL-i 1.5L DCT (P828,000); BYD L3 GL-i 1.5L MT (P788,000); BYD F0 G-i 1.0L AT (P628,000); and BYD F0 GLX-I 1.0L MT (P548,000).

This promo runs until October 15, 2015, is not valid in conjunction with any other promotions of BYD and only buyers, who have made full cash payment or paid a full down payment for installment purchases within the promo period, may avail of the promo.

Premium giveaways can be redeemed from the Marketing Department of STAR Corp. no later than 60 days from end of the promo period. A customer can purchase as many BYD cars as he or she wishes within the promo period and shall be entitled to the corresponding premium giveaways more than once.  Free items are transferable but not convertible to cash.


  1. Buy any of these, get free headache.

  2. now this made my day, Whahahaha a BYD for a million bucks? really?! they ripped off everything from other car brands and they have the audacity to charge at a premium? let me guess the iphone 6 is a clone and trip to singapore or puerto princesa is actually a trip to Scarborough shoal ooooohhhhhhh please let there be a BYD defender (or they already cloned it)


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