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May 20, 2013

Valvoline Reiterates Commitment to Environment

Valvoline Philippines, a subsidiary of Ashland Inc., is reiterating its commitment to deliver world-class automotive products as well as being environmentally-friendly in a press conference held last week. As one of the world’s leading lubricant and motor oil manufacturers, Valvoline is offering a full range of products to offer unparalleled protection for your car from its interior to its engine and even its exterior.

Eagle One Enviroshine: Contaminant Free Cleaners

A division of Ashland Inc., since 1998, Eagle One is now offering Enviroshine to the Philippine market. Enviroshine is a new revolutionary car wash that works hard and deeply cleans even the most delicate surfaces. Plus, it does not contaminate water sources with its runoff. And all it takes to do the toughest cleaning jobs is four full caps in a bucket of water.

Apart from its potent yet gentle formula, Enviroshine lifts dirt and bugs from the car’s paint surface and is guaranteed not to strip wax and is body shop safe. In addition, Enviroshine is uniquely safe: it is non-toxic, biodegradable, and free from harsh solvents. This one-step wash and wax formula has been developed through Eagle One’s technical innovation.

Valvoline NextGen: Re-refined Oil That Outlasts

Introduced last year, Valvoline NextGen is a unique engine oil that undergoes a re-refinement process using used oil as a base. From there, Valvoline engineers have found a way to extract the good base oil and from there, it undergoes a special refinement process just like crude oil.

The difference is that using recycled motor oil rather than crude oil reduces contaminants in both soil and water. It also uses 56 percent lesser resources compared to oil made without recycled content. According to Valvoline, this reduces the use of fossil fuels by as much as 48 percent with 40 percent less harmful and acidic emissions.

In terms of quality, Valvoline NextGen exceeds industry specifications for performance, protection, and durability. This year, Valvoline Philippines is proud to announce that NextGen is now available for both gasoline and diesel engine applications.

Valvoline Professional Series Aircon Cleaner: One Step to Breathing Easy

Finally, Valvoline Philippines introduces the Valvoline Professional Series (VPS) air conditioning system cleaner and odor eliminator. VPS makes cleaning the car’s air conditioning system faster and easier without the need to disassemble the evaporator unit (and the consequent release of refrigerant into the atmosphere). It also helps clean and remove odor-causing elements like mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria. In just five easy steps, VPS cleans the air conditioning unit in as fast as 45 minutes.

The “ultra-foaming” action neutralizes and helps clean the system of harmful contaminants. The foam also breaks down and liquefies these contaminants and flushes it out of the air conditioning system. The VPS aircon cleaning system is already being used by several brands as their OEM choice and will definitely lessen air conditioning wear and tear as well as maintenance.  In addition, the VPS aircon cleaner is free from chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and other substances that may harm the ozone layer.

With this extensive array of green products, Valvoline never stops seeking only the best with no compromises for both the environment and for automotive maintenance. Consumers are guaranteed with Valvoline’s confidence in their never-ending innovation to deliver what the consumers deserve.

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