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February 14, 2014

Korean Students Experience Kia in the Philippines During Happy Move Camp

Continuing the two-week immersion of Korean university students for Kia’s Happy Move Camp, Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC), exclusive distributor of Kia Motors in the Philippines, planned a special Kia Dealer Tour and Cultural Afternoon for the volunteers.

Happy Move Camp is a CSR initiative by the Korean automaker giant that champions the values of volunteerism and sharing. Guided by its slogan, “Moving the world together,” Korean student volunteers are being dispatched all over the world to participate in activities to help people in need. For this year, CAC hosts 87 Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers in the country to help move materials and build houses with Habitat for Humanity- Philippines.

Taking a break from the house-building at Bistekville 1, Quezon City, the volunteers were brought last February 9, 2014 to Kia Marcos Highway for a dealer visit. Dealer principals from Autocirculo Corporation, a group who owns said Kia dealership along with 9 others in Metro Manila, were on hand to welcome the Koreans. Kia Marcos Highway General Sales Manager, Bong Segumalian, and Autocirculo Vice President for After-Sales, Mike Mabilog, proceeded to familiarize the volunteers with the services and features of a Kia dealership. Kia merchandise and souvenir Happy Move shirts were also given out.

To end the morning program, Autocirculo Vice President and Kia Marcos Highway General Manager, Edouard Camacho, presented a brief report on Kia vehicles and its partnership with dealers nationwide. Camacho shares, “Kia’s engineered cars are among the best vehicles today. CAC and Autocirculo are truly confident with these vehicles, not just because of the design and features, but because they can provide better quality, performance, and reliability to satisfy all of their customers.”

CAC executives headed by its President, Ginia R. Domingo, along with CAC Vice President for Marketing, Hernando D. Gañac, Jr., Marketing Manager, Nenuka F. Guba, and Sales Director, Renato G. Velasquez, also treated the Koreans to a hearty Filipino cuisine. A sampling of traditional Filipino dances also served as entertainment and the student volunteers eagerly learned and danced the Tinikling.

Before the day ended, Hyewon Shin, a representative from the Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers Corps, delivered a thank you message to CAC. Hyewon shares that this immersion is “a special chance to help people in need and to grow as global leaders.” She also thanked Filipinos who welcomed them throughout their stay. “It is very interesting to experience the Filipino culture. They are very friendly and they always smile. I would recommend this experience to other Koreans and I am very honored to be a part of this.”

In a toast recognizing the students, Domingo relates that “It’s always a good thing to have people joining and doing something together for the betterment of the community and it’s also about sharing the Filipino “bayanihan” spirit.”

On behalf of Kia, CAC, and the Filipino community at Bistekville 1, Domingo has nothing but sincere words of gratitude. “From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for sharing your time with us and for building a community for less fortunate families. We hope that you continue to live the core values that Happy Move Camp stands for– sharing and volunteerism. I am sure that together, we can all move to having a better, happier place for all.”

In the true essence of providing a different beat in the automotive industry, Kia and CAC have again inspired a one-of-a-kind experience with Happy Move Camp.

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