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February 14, 2014

Ford Makes Mustang Candy by 3D-Printing

Fall in love with chocolate and candy Mustangs this Valentine’s Day. To celebrate, Ford Motor Company today revealed all-new miniature chocolate and peppermint candy Mustangs made with a 3D printer.

This is the first time Ford has 3D-printed a miniature vehicle model that you can snack on.

“3D printing is one of the hottest buzzwords in the news today and it’s great to see more consumers learning about the technology and its applications,” said Paul Susalla, Ford supervisor of 3D printing. “We wanted to create something fun to show that while 3D printing made these edible Mustangs, manufacturing-level 3D printing was used in the development of Ford’s all-new sports car.”

Ford teamed up with 3D Systems and its edible branch, The Sugar Lab, in Los Angeles, to make mini chocolate Mustangs. 3D Systems’ treats also include 3D-printed sugar candies in such flavors as white peppermint and sour apple.

The process began with a CAD model of the all-new Mustang from the Ford design studios. 3D Systems programmed the digital version of the pony car into its new printers designed to create edible treats. After only a few hours, a 4-inch-long, 2-inch-tall Mustang-shaped confection emerged.

Though the 3D-printed chocolate Mustang was made for this one-time-only special Valentine’s Day celebration, Ford is in talks to potentially license the application.

“Ford Mustang and chocolate is a recipe for success,” said Mark Bentley, Ford product licensing manager. “It is so exciting to see how these technologies enable a new way of telling a brand story.”

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