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March 28, 2014

Could the Ford Fiesta ST Head to ASEAN and Philippines?

The Everest Concept certainly took the limelight at Ford’s display at the 2014 Bangkok International Motor Show. It’s deservingly so, because the almost-production ready 7-seater, three-row SUV is expected to bolster Ford’s SUV line-up.

Though I wasn’t there personally (so this is all based on Twitter and Instragram shares), seems there’s another car at the Ford stand that almost went unnoticed: the Fiesta ST. Though it may just be a body kit to promote the Need for Speed movie where another Ford, the Mustang plays the hero car, seems it’s too correct to be just a slapped on body kit. First of all, notice the honeycomb mesh grille with the unmistakable ST badge. And then you have the one-piece revised front bumper (no add on extensions here). Even the wheels are correct—the 17-inch Rado Gray wheels. The only way to tell if it’s indeed the Fiesta ST is if it’s rocking rear disc brakes as the run-of-the-mill Fiestas run on rear drums and a larger rear wing. If anyone can share pics from the Bangkok Motor Show to verify or debunk this claim, we welcome it. It is confirmed to be a real Fiesta ST according to people who attended the show.

If this is indeed the Fiesta ST then it’s going to be powered by a 1.6-liter version of Ford’s EcoBoost engine. This will make it a pocket rocket given all 197 horsepower and 274 Nm of torque are sent through the front wheels. The sole transmission is a 6-speed manual transmission. The suspension remains a MacPherson Strut/Twist Beam combination with Torque Vectoring Control (TVC).

Ford has yet to make an official announcement on the Fiesta ST for the ASEAN market, but we’re all crossing our fingers. Though they usually release models that make business sense, they did go ahead and launch the Mustang to a resounding success. So, will we see a Fiesta ST? Stay tuned. It could be earlier than you think.


  1. This is interesting, the only 5-door Fiesta ST in exisitence today is the USDM model made in Mexico which is LHD. The German made Fiesta ST is available in LHD and RHD but only come as a 3-door hatch. Hmmm...

    1. Well, the only they displayed at the BKK show is a 5-door and RHD. And it's confirmed to be a Fiesta ST. So I guess Auto Alliance will make an announcement soon?

  2. If it is indeed going to be manufactured in Thailand, this really gives them a chance to sell it here since Ford Philippines only brings in models from North America and Thailand.
    The USDM Fiesta ST might be too expensive to sell here, while Ford Philippines says they currently have no plans to sell models imported from Europe... which would also be too expensive anyway. This could be the answer.

  3. Probably not anymore at this rate.

  4. I hope this will arrive in the ph specially fiesta st 2019


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