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March 4, 2014

Honda Lays Down the Gauntlet with the Civic Type R Concept (w/ Video)

After months of teasing, Honda has finally pulled the wraps off its highly-anticipated Civic Type R Concept. It’s clearly a thinly-disguised model that will eventually bow in for the European market (for now) during 2015.

Described by Honda as “racing car for the road”, the 2015 Civic Type R Concept is the most extreme Civic yet. Shape alone, the Type R Concept is clearly honed by the need for real-world performance and has been validated by the company’s extensive testing at the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife in Germany. The Type R Concept for example has a functional rear spoiler that creates additional downforce while the upper and lower front grille and air outlets on the hood provide cooling to the high-output engine. The front and rear wheel fenders have been widened to accommodate massive 20-inch rims and tires, though expect the production version to settle for something tamer than that.

In terms of power, Honda is still keeping mum on final figures. But, the Civic Type R has confirmed that it will carry the first application of the company’s brand-new VTEC Turbo engines with Earth Dreams technology. This means the Civic Type R is expected to have at least 280 horsepower and will still be Euro 6 compliant. It will have the highest output per liter in its class.

Of course, the Philippines can all hope and dream to get a Civic Type R, but a car that can essentially take on the Volkswagen Golf GTI or Golf R or even the Subaru WRX STI? We'd say bring it on.

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