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March 23, 2014

Isuzu Philippines Growth in Step with Auto Industry

The first two months of 2014 saw 21,591 vehicles sold by Commercial Vehicle member-companies of the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. and Trucks Manufacturers Association, eclipsing the 17,951-unit total during the same period last year, or a solid 20.3% growth. This upward trend was evident in February when 11,234 vehicles were sold compared to the 10,357 vehicles delivered in January posting an 8.5% increase.

Along with this rise in CV sales, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) also gained strength as the diesel engine technology expert posted 11.4% growth in combined January and February sales over the same two months in 2013. The result comes despite the decline in deliveries of the Isuzu Crosswind AUV and Alterra SUV, which recorded drops of 11.1% and 24.3%, respectively.

Lifting IPC’s year-to-date sales were the robust movement of the company’s commercial trucks and the D-MAX pickup. Isuzu’s all-new pickup model remained on its steady climb as its sales grew a phenomenal 76.4% in the first two months of 2014, registering 575 units delivered compared to the 326 units moved during the same period in 2013. Complementing the D-MAX’s performance were the results posted by Isuzu’s best-selling N-Series trucks in the light-duty category, leaping 31.4% with 310 units, and the company’s medium-duty trucks, rising 18.9% with 88 units.

In total, IPC sold 1,949 AUVs, SUVs, pickups, commercial trucks in the first two months of 2014, or an 11.4% gain over the company’s 1,750-unit result during the same period in 2013.

“Isuzu Philippines’ impressive year-on-year sales result was achieved through various promotional efforts, improvements in our dealer network’s delivery of the sales and service experience, and the launch of new models like the D-MAX,” said IPC President Nobuo Izumina. “That the Philippine economy is currently the healthiest in the region only allows Isuzu to keep in step with the dynamism of the domestic automotive industry.”

IPC’s improvement in February reflects this vitality with the company registering growths across its model range. Sales of the Crosswind, at 451 units, were 1.8% higher than January’s 443 units. The Alterra’s rose 22.9% with 43 units against 35, the D-MAX’s climbed 20.3% with 314 units against 261, the N-Series spiked 36.6% with 179 units against 131, and heavy-duty trucks increased 4.7% with 45 units against 43. Overall, IPC products improved 12.8% with total sales of 1,033 versus the 916 sold in January.

Among IPC’s extensive dealership network, the top three sellers in Metro Manila in February were Isuzu Pasig with 10.7% network share, followed by Isuzu Makati with 8.2% and Isuzu Quezon Avenue with 7.8%. In the provinces, Isuzu Mandaue headed the list with 8.2%, Isuzu Cagayan de Oro coming in second with 5.0% and Isuzu Iloilo with 4.7%.

However, it was Isuzu Mandaue that sold the most number of D-MAX pickups in February at 9.2% network share, with Isuzu Pasig closing with 8.6% and Isuzu Cagayan de Oro with 8.3%.

Despite its drop, the Crosswind remains the bestselling Isuzu model, and Isuzu Pasig again delivered the most number of the AUV in February with 11.8% network share. Isuzu Makati was second with 8.4% while Isuzu Mandaue came third with 8.2%.

“Isuzu models’ steady success in Metro Manila and in the other regions is testament that Filipino customers appreciate products that deliver excellent value from their investment. IPC will strive to improve our products and services further to always ensure customer satisfaction,” Izumina said.

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