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March 19, 2014

A Wireless Car Alarm from O-sulee, the Spring Cushion Makers

Known more for their spring cushions, O-sulee is branching out to vehicle anti-theft systems and to make their product different, they’re making a wireless car alarm. Yes, you read that right—a wireless car alarm. The O-sulee Wireless Alarm is a complete car alarm system that doesn’t need any splicing, wiring, or anything of the sort.

It uses RFID technology to make do without wires. You simply connect the sensor socket to the cigarette lighter and attach the siren to the positive and negative nodes of your car battery. The sensor socket then detects things such as air pressure, vibration, and voltage detection. It will automatically sound the alarm when a door is opened or if someone breaks the window or opens the hatch/trunk. The O-sulee Wireless Alarm also has a shock sensor that detects if your vehicle is being towed. And finally, you don’t need to fumble for a key fob in arming or disarming your alarm system. The O-sulee Wireless Alarm is armed or disarmed automatically via a wireless pager (you only have to set the sensitivity).

Healthy Living, Inc., the exclusive distributor of O-sulee says that their wireless car alarm doesn’t void a vehicle’s warranty and comes with a six-month warranty. It’s priced at P2,800 and is available at all Blade stores.

For more information, you can visit their official website at:

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