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November 3, 2014

Uber Manila Now Offering Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Despite being the unfortunate victim of the LTFRB’s Jurassic-era laws and mandates, Uber, the revolutionary car sharing company has just announced a new service that will move people, especially those with disabilities, around Manila in a safe and reliable manner.

Uber is now partnered with Wheelmobile, a non-profit organization that aims to raise awareness of the mobility, dignity and equality for people with disabilities (PWD). By providing transportation options, the group works to enhance the independence and full integration of PWD into their communities.

Wheelmobile is now an available option in the Uber app for a limited time (November 3 to 8). Simply move the slider to the ‘Wheelmobile’ option and request a ride as normal. Wheelmobile charges P 450.00 for the first hour (or a fraction thereof) and P 7.50 per minute after that. As with everything Uber, all payments will be charged to your credit card or whatever payment option you’ve attached to your Uber account.

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