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November 30, 2014

Volvo Marks 20th Year in the Philippines

Marking its 20th year in the country, Volvo Philippines continues to offer its distinct mark of premium ownership experience to its valued patrons and brand enthusiasts. Established in November 1994 with a clear vision to be an esteemed car brand, it has since then reaped a multitude of rewards and accolades, including the coveted Volvo Diamond Award. Given only in its first full year of operation, this recognition is given to outstanding performance in the areas of vehicle sales, parts and service operations, competitive positioning and customer satisfaction.

Designed Around You

Steered by its longtime commitment to design cars for people, Volvo continues to create cars with sophisticated content. Backed by almost 90 years of knowledge and expertise, each Volvo carries the qualities of safety, quality and care for the environment in its DNA. Inspired by the Swedish landscape, the design philosophy of beautiful practicality is also evident in every sinuous curve of modern Volvos.

A renowned leader in safety, Volvo has come out with several innovations has that has proven to be beneficial to the world. Among them is the three-point safety belt, whose patent was left free so everyone can make use of it. With this life-saving invention, you can say that there is a little bit of Volvo in every car. This and many more, continue to add up to a car that has been put together with great care and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that you have a most enjoyable ride in every Volvo.

A New Breed

As the years rolled by, Volvo has also evolved with the times. Today, a new breed of Volvos has been unleashed sporting a more dynamic nature. Its clean, sleek lines and luxurious interiors speak of enhanced visual volume and immense comfort. World-first (and often, class-leading) innovations like the Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection technologies set Volvo ahead from competitors. The ergonomic and user-friendly interface of the Sensus infotainment system and Volvo’s remarkable Park Assist Pilot also make life less complicated.

Volvo is the first automaker to announce that it will be producing only four cylinder turbocharged engines for its new fleet of vehicles to optimize both power and efficiency. These new Drive-E petrol and diesel powertrains, available in the 2015 V40, S60 and XC60, ensure a truly energetic and responsive drive without compromising fuel economy. A range of engine and interior upgrades can also be made available for you to make your Volvo as personalized as you want.

Driven By People

Always having people in mind when designing cars, Volvo has continued to flourish and thrive in this ever-changing world. In the Philippines, the success of Volvo can also be attributed to the strong and dynamic team that has been with Volvo for as long as it has started.  With the visionary leadership of Atty. Albert B. Arcilla, 4,000 Volvo cars are now plying the streets of the archipelago. Complemented by his synergistic team, Volvo Philippines remains to be one of the organizations that gives off a warm, welcoming vibe to all those who grace their showrooms and service centers.

To address the burgeoning demand for cars with premium design, fit and finish, Volvo Philippines has also expanded its reach through its energetic and able dealer partners. In May 2005, Volvo Cebu has opened its doors to the Visayas and Mindanao areas. In 2013 alone, two new dealerships opened: Volvo North EDSA and Volvo Alabang, servicing the Volvo needs of the northern and southern clientele. Also now part of the Volvo family, Volvo Iloilo has also joined as a dedicated sales partner.

Vision 20/20

Propelled by the global objective of Volvo in 2020 – Volvo’s vision of a crash-free world where nobody will be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo by year 2020 – Volvo Philippines also has its own version of Volvo 20/20. As a sign of thanksgiving to the continued patronage of Volvo enthusiasts over the years, and to give more people the opportunity to experience and own a Volvo premium car, Volvo offers the Volvo 20/20 Platinum Program. With this, the ease of owning a Volvo has been made easier and more attractive.  You can choose from a PhP200, 000.00 price reduction on the S60 T4, S60 D4 Lux and XC60 or a 20% discount on the S60 T6 and XC90 while also enjoying the Volvo Premium Experience Kit completely free of charge. The kit includes Free One-Time Volvo Detailing, Volvo Express Service, 24-Hour Roadside Assistance and 3-year Warranty and LTO Registration.

Other acquisition packages are also available such as Volvo Smart Lease and the Volvo Advantage Program. However you choose to own the Volvo of your dreams, you are assured that there are a variety of tailor-made options for you to make that dream into a reality. With the commitment to giving you a stress-free ownership, Volvo also offers an industry benchmark of providing quality Aftersales service especially with personal car care programs such as Service 2.0, Volvo 21-point Check Up and Free Paint Detailing.

As Volvo Philippines continues to roll on and look forward to even better years ahead, it stays true to its promise of delivering Volvo cars that make your life more rewarding and enjoyable. Test drives and Exclusive Fleet Drive Programs are constantly offered so you can get a sneak peak of what it is to own one of the world’s finest piece of engineering.

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