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March 27, 2015

Caltex Launches Techron in Concentrated Form

Chevron Philippines Inc. announces the launch of its patented Techron Concentrate Plus (TCP) fuel system cleaner in the country.

For the first time in the Philippines, motorists will have a direct way to access the benefits of Caltex’s patented Techron technology, a scientifically proven formula to clean vehicle engines running on gasoline, ensuring optimal performance for motorists, by offering it in concentrated bottle form.

TCP is an effective and easy-to-use solution. Through its uniquely designed packaging, motorists are able to conveniently add a bottle of TCP into their vehicle’s nearly empty tank before their next fill up. In just one tankful, it cleans engine deposits and protects the entire fuel system, restores lost power and performance, and helps reduce emissions while maximizing fuel economy. With repeated use, TCP is also able to clean and protect fuel system sensors from sulfuric buildup, which can cause faulty fuel gauge readings over time.

“Your vehicle engine is prone to accumulating dirt and carbon deposits over time without care. Caltex’s Techron Technology is the perfect detox for your car engine. You can now deep-clean your engine in just one tankful. The launch of TCP offers our customers more options to enjoy their journey better,” commented Lennard Kwek, Asia Pacific Marketing Manager, Chevron Lubricants.

Caltex had conducted a boroscope test in Thailand in 2013, examining the effectiveness of TCP in the Southeast Asian market. The test had revealed the harmful effects that lower quality gasoline have on motor engines, while highlighting the cleaning proposition of Caltex’s Techron Technology as the ideal solution for motorists. The boroscope test utilized a specially designed camera to examine the interior of a vehicle’s fuel system to inspect the cleanliness of critical engine parts.

Using a Karl Storz Endoscope (boroscope), Chevron engineers took photos of intake valves and ports (via fuel injector hole) and rated them using a Co-operative Research Council (CRC) Intake Valve Deposit (IVD) rating system, where a score out of 10 was assigned, with 10 denoting a perfectly clean valve. Photos were also taken of piston tops (via spark plug hole) to visually assess combustion chamber deposits (CCDs).

Techron has been proven to be efficient at keeping intake valves cleaner based on the boroscope tests conducted on a total of 232 valves from 30 vehicles in Thailand. Tests conducted on four 2008 Japanese sedans had revealed an average score of 8.1 out of 10 prior to using TCP. After using TCP, these four cars achieved an average score of 9.9 out of 10. Similar results on other models also revealed that vehicles using TCP had performed very well in keeping fuel systems clean, proving the product’s effectiveness in offering a deep-clean solution in just one tankful.

Backed by over 30 years of research and development, Caltex has a strong heritage in pioneering the clean proposition for vehicles. Techron contains a unique ingredient, polyetheramine, which has been designed to clean fuel system deposits and prevent them from re-forming.

Lower quality fuels can leave harmful deposits in the gasoline engine that accumulate over time, causing the vehicle to stumble during acceleration, knock or lose power, especially for older vehicles. These older vehicles may be more susceptible to deposit buildup. However, with TCP, motorists are now able to counteract these deficits, and may immediately feel an improvement in their vehicle power and drivability, with just one bottle.

Techron Concentrate Plus will be sold at all Caltex service stations at suggested retail price of P450.00.

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  1. What's available nationwide are promo materials not the product itself.


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