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March 12, 2015

Bautista Joins Team Carmudi to Race at Flat Out Race Series (FORS)

Sixteen year old Slalom and Circuit racer champion Patrick Oliver “Polo” Bautista recently joined Team Carmudi to race at the 2015 Flat Out Race Series (FORS).

The track day event, which was formally started and named as Circuit Showdown by the late Enzo Pastor, is an eight-leg race series made for the racer by racer which combines Touring car and time attack competition. The event is the only series that runs all race circuits where you can use any car both against time or part of the grid.

“Carmudi Philippines is excited to enter the Philippines racing scene with our partnership with young racer Polo Bautisita. Polo, at 16 years old, has exceptional potential to become one of the top racer's in the country given his skill, maturity and tenacity to win,” said Subir Lohani country manager of Carmudi Philippines.

“We are proud to be able to support young talent in the Philippines racing scene and to give them support their passion for cars and their drive to succeed in this industry. Racing truly exemplifies the performance aspect of vehicles and Carmudi is excited to take on this challenge of being the number one in the racing and the number one vehicle platform in the Philippines,” adds Lohani.

Bautista will drive his 1993 Honda hatchback with a B16 SIR stock engine. The schedule of the second round is slated on April 18 at the Batangas Racing Circuit (BRC).


  1. I hope he doesn't drive in public roads. I know a 14 year old self proclaimed "car enthusiast" that drives a Toyota 86 (bought by his parents of course) in public roads. He lives in Tagum city though and we all know how bribery is tolerated there in the province. What's annoying is that he flaunts it in the social media. Imagine that, a freakin' 14 year old kid driving a Toyota 86 and his parents encourages that?! Shame on those irresponsible parents of his!

  2. No disrespect meant, but this guy is heavy which puts him at a disadvantage even before the race begins. Dude, lose some freakin weight if you wanna go fast. Just my 2 cents.

    1. LOL! Weight reduction is important in racing. That's why its ideal to reduce unnecessary weight inside the car, including the driver's excess fats. Hahaha. Better start exercising while there's still time left.


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