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March 2, 2015

BYD Supports 4th Electric Vehicle Summit

BYD Auto China Ltd. Co., through its authorized Philippine distributor, Solar Transport Automotive Resources Corp., (STAR Corp.) supported the recently concluded 4th Electric Vehicle Summit 2015, which was held on February 26-27 at the Multi-Purpose Hall, Meralco Fitness Center, Pasig City.  As one of the members of the Electric Vehicles Association of the Philippines (EVAP), the sponsorship of the EV Summit is STAR CORP’s way of expressing its solidarity and support of the goals and objectives of the organization.

As part of its participation in the event, BYD exhibited its e6, which is a long-range, pure-electric utility vehicle that is a cross between a sedan and an SUV.  It is fitted with a 75 kW motor powered by BYD’s proprietary Iron Phospate (or “Fe”) Battery, which is fire-safe, completely recyclable and provides a range of around 300 km in urban conditions—one of the longest distances for existing EVs—on a single charge. The motor is rated at 450 Nm of torque and can propel the e6 from zero to 60 kph in 7.69 seconds as well as attain a top speed of 140 kph.

The BYD e6 offers several advantages: first, zero pollution and low noise during driving; second, long driving range; third, optimized charging of just two hours; fourth, low-cost operation; fifth, good driving performance; and lastly, bi-directional charging and discharging.

BYD, which stands for Build Your Dreams, is a leading-edge provider of green energy technologies that are utilized in the IT, automotive and new energy industries. Its automobiles are gaining recognition all over the globe for their build quality and world-class technologies. BYD’s automotive business also made the news when world-renowned entrepreneur Warren Buffet invested in the company. BYD is committed to developing new green energy. It has developed solar farms, battery energy storage stations, electric vehicles, LED and other green energy products.

“Green technology, particularly electric vehicles, is the way of the future. And BYD will continue to support the electric vehicle development in the country,” said Mark Andrew Tieng, managing director of STAR Corp. “We look forward to the day when eVehicles can occupy a portion of the nation’s highways and roadways and a future when green car space is the norm rather than the exception.”

The theme of The 4th Electric Vehicle Summit 2015 was “Sustaining the Gains in Philippine Electric Vehicle Development”. It is a yearly event organized by the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP), which counts among its members various importers and manufacturers of electric vehicles.

According to Rommel T. Juan, EVAP president, “We would love to believe that the nation has now accepted electric vehicles as a viable alternative mode of transport.  We continue sustaining our gains and pretty soon, we can finally lay claim to the title Electric Vehicle Hub of Southeast Asia.  Thus, we will push for our campaign for One Million EVs on Philippine Roads by 2020.”

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