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October 10, 2015

The Toyota S-FR is Probably Not a Miata, But Could Be Fun

Despite a softening global demand to its 86, Toyota is showing off yet another take on the affordable sports car genre with the Toyota S-FR. Though currently in a concept car form, the production-ready S-FR (at least from photos) is meant to slot below the 86 to become Toyota’s entry-level sports car.

Styled with a rounded front-end very reminiscent of the luxury-oriented Toyota 86 Style Cb, the S-FR is what Toyota calls “the archetypal sports car”. It has all the elements including the long hood and wide stance as well as a front-midship engine, rear-wheel drive layout.

Despite an optimal weight distribution and all-around independent suspension, it’s probably not your Mazda MX-5 rival. Though it does measure in at just 3,990-mm in length (wheelbase is 2,480-mm), the S-FR still has room for four seats. Nonetheless, a six-speed manual and a very light curb weight could still mean some fun and responsive driving.

Will Toyota consider building the S-FR? Well, find out as CarGuide.PH will be live at the Tokyo Motor Show this year. Follow us on Twitter or Instagram for the latest updates.


  1. the design is already outdated even if it is still just a concept ;-)

  2. Looks like an old car brought in to the present...


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