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June 20, 2016

6 Things to Look Forward to in the 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Mercedes-Benz has diversified its product range extensively in the past few years, creating new interpretations of luxury in the process. Yet, the E-Class remains the three-pointed star’s most important and most iconic vehicle. The all-new, tenth-generation model’s launch is fast approaching and to whet your appetite, here are six standout features of the world’s most intelligent sedan.

1. The slipperiest body yet

Sophisticated, confidently stylish, and dynamic, the all-new Mercedes E-Class embodies the brand’s “sensual purity” design ethos. It also stands to be the most aerodynamic in its segment. The short overhangs, well-defined flanks, broad shoulders, and coupé-esque roofline already make it look sleek; but subject it to a wind tunnel, and nature reiterates what the eye could see: it’s slippery. With a co-efficient of drag at just 0.23, it’s best in its class while beating some hybrids and high-performance cars in the process.

2. Stars for eyes

Just like any car, the E-Class’s lights serve as a strong aesthetic focal point. It’s a clear indicator of the brand’s promise of intelligent design. Found in models carrying the High Performance and MULTIBEAM LED headlights, the daytime running lights follow the inner contour giving a more distinctive note to the signal indicators and side lights. It’s also the world’s first high-definition lighting system with 84 individually controllable LEDs arranged in three rows. This enables the E-Class to offer excellent night time visibility, simultaneously illuminating the road, tracking objects both moving and stationary while reducing glare to both the driver and oncoming traffic.

The rear is no less impressive. The single-piece taillights with the two-bar design clearly identify it as a member of the Mercedes sedan range. The light intensity is variable between day- and night time for additional safety. Furthermore, debuting on the E-Class is the new “stardust” taillights that provide a glow reminiscent of the Milky Way or that of a jet engine. This is created by a specially designed surface in the taillight itself.

3. It has got a bit of Star Trek inside

Embodying emotion and intelligence, the all-new E-Class features a science fiction turned science reality interior. It starts with two brilliant next-generation high-resolution displays, each measuring 12.3 inches. Found in a shared glass cover, it gives a wealth of information to the driver while emphasizing the horizontal orientation of the cabin. Furthermore, it’s configurable with three preset styles: “Classic”, “Sport”, and “Progressive”.

Apart from that, the E-Class has touch-sensitive controls on its steering wheel. Working like a smartphone interface, it responds to both horizontal and vertical swiping movements allowing the driver to take control of the entire infotainment system. And speaking of infotainment, the comprehensive new system in the E-Class integrates the digital vehicle key, wireless charging, capacitive aerial coupling, and the support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

4. Best or nothing interior experience

Realizing its importance, Mercedes spared no expense in developing the E-Class’s interior to be a testament to the brand’s exquisite attention to detail. First up, it’s the quietest car in its segment. Next, high quality materials abound with the use of open-pore wood or wood veneer finished in a yachting look. Then, the meticulousness goes to the seats. Offering best-in-class ingress/egress, they’re ergonomic and sculptural, perfect for tackling long journeys effortlessly. Finally, durable, energy-saving LEDs give ambient lighting. With 64 colors to choose from, it offers a host of possibilities for personalization.

5. Helps you in an accident before it even happens

Enhancing overall comfort and refinement are just two aspects where the all-new E-Class leads the premium mid-sized sedan segment. Packing a wealth of new driver assistive technologies, it now leads the way when it comes to both passive and active safety. Active Brake Assist is now standard, where the car warns the driver of an impending collision or if necessary, autonomously applies the brakes. It can also detect pedestrians, stopping or moving vehicles.

One area where the E-Class excels truly is in its PRE-SAFE technology. Already responsible for pre-loading the safety systems (tightening the seatbelts, closing the moon roof, etc.) before an impending collision, the new PRE-SAFE Sound emits a short interference signal through the sound system. Based on the human body’s stapedius reflex, it triggers a natural reflex preparing the occupants’ ears for the expected sound of the accident, reducing the stress on the occupants.

6. The most intelligent sedan ever

The E-Class’s knack for intelligent performance has opened up new possibilities in performance and efficiency. The four-cylinder petrol engine in the E 200 for instance is rated at a healthy 184 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque. It’s enough to propel this bantamweight sedan to the century mark in just 7.7 seconds while extracting up to 16.94 kilometers for every liter of fuel. Coupled to this engine is the new 9G TRONIC 9-speed automatic allowing for fast gear changes and allows low engine revs benefiting both efficiency and quietness.

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