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Monday, June 13, 2016

EV-Maker BEMAC Produces E-Trikes Using Japanese Tech and Filipino Heart

BEMAC Electric Transportation Philippines, Inc., is an electric vehicle manufacturer that utilizes Japanese technology at its core. While its electric tricycles (e-trikes) are proudly made in the Philippines, it heavily utilizes EV technology developed by its Japanese parent company, Uzushio Electric Co., Ltd. Entering the Japanese EV market with its first converted vehicles in 1998, Uzushio backs BEMAC Philippines with almost two decades of experience in EV technological development – by far greater than other manufacturers.

BEMAC Philippines was established in the country last 2013, introducing its cutting-edge 68VM e-trikes, employing Japan-developed technologies previously unused in similar vehicles in the country. The headlining feature of the 68VM is its Vehicle Control Unit or VCU. BEMAC Philippines’ smartly-developed VCU ensures that the e-tricycle performs optimally and efficiently, bringing out the best that the vehicle has to offer. Maintenance on the vehicle is also made easy by the VCU with its ability to self-diagnose any issues in the vehicle for a worry-free experience for drivers and operators.

On the other side of the 68VM e-tricycle’s smart technology is its Battery Management System or BMS. The BMS ensures that the batteries not only operate efficiently, but also provide them with greater longevity.

While the 68VM e-tricycle’s brains are definitely impressive, the tricycle itself can also flex a lot of muscles. It packs an AC-type 3 phase, 4-pole induction motor. The controller's input voltage is 48 volts and the motor and the controller work together producing an output of 5 kilowatts. This translates to the tricycle’s ability to carry up to 7 people (6 passengers plus a driver), without difficulty. It can also push the tricycle through a 16-degree incline – greater than the national standard for road slopes. The motor is also designed with a compact size and operates with very little noise, keeping it unobtrusive when passing through crowded areas. These motors are guaranteed to have a long lifespan, and a maintenance-free operation. Paired with the VCU, the motor outputs an excellent dynamic response and very precise control, allowing the vehicle to fine acceleration and movement, eliminating sudden jolts for the passengers in stop-and-go traffic.

For its power, the 68VM e-tricycle uses 4.4 kWh – a high capacity to complement its motor. The batteries have the capability to accommodate rapid charging and are produced in a state-of-the-art production line in Japan that have undergone rigorous standards.

With the advanced technology from Uzushio and BEMAC Philippines’ hardwork and workmanship, the 68VM e-tricycle is sure to lead the pack in redefining what electric vehicles should be – a sustainable solution to promote clean transportation in the country


  1. price and contact no

  2. Is there an orange Color?
    I want it delivered door-to-door to St. Francis Subdivision, Tanque Roxas City, Capiz. Zip code: 5800. How much does BMac Etrike costs to include delivery?

  3. Magkano ang bemac e trike at pwedi ba hulogan monthly

  4. how much fix price of bemac walang patong sana

  5. may I know how is the price per unit. I am from Santiago city.

  6. Saan po ang pinakamalapit na store outlet ninyo dito sa area ng RIzal province? At magkano po yung 5 seaters?

  7. How much po.


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