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March 10, 2017

SeaOil Holds Blind Fuel Test Campaign with Arci Muñoz

SeaOil, the country’s leading independent fuel retailer, recently launched an industry-first fuel blind test campaign for motorists to experience the quality of SeaOil fuels.

“Through this campaign, we want to re-introduce SeaOil fuels to the public by highlighting the qualities that make them high-performance products, something that our loyal customers can already attest to,” said SeaOil CEO Glenn Yu.

During the fuel blind test, motorists who agreed to have their tanks filled up with an anonymous brand went on a test drive with celebrity racer Arci Muñoz. They reported experiencing a smoother drive and more powerful acceleration using this brand, which Muñoz later on revealed to be SeaOil.

“It was exciting to be part of the fuel blind tests and witness how motorists were able to recognize the power of SeaOil in their own cars. As a racer, I am honored to be representing a homegrown Filipino brand that is committed to producing high-quality fuel products,” said Muñoz.

The campaign focuses on the top three qualities that make SeaOil world-class performance fuels.

Firstly, SeaOil imports its base fuels from select refineries in Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. These imported fuels are then shipped directly to SeaOil’s network of terminals and depots across the country.

Secondly, SeaOil fuels are tested at least three times daily by trained station personnel for consistency in purity. These inventory and quality checks are conducted every shift-end in all stations nationwide.
Finally, all SeaOil fuels are powered with STP additives, which are known for their superior cleaning formula that improves engine performance. SeaOil is the only fuel company in the Philippines that uses these US-brand additives.

To deliver its high quality fuels to more markets, SEAOIL continues to expand its retail network through innovative and award-winning franchise offerings.

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