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March 10, 2017

Ford Philippines Sales Hit 1,500 Units in February

Ford Philippines reported February sales of 1,500 vehicles amid challenges during the month related to vehicle registration policies that affected the purchase and release of new vehicles.

Despite the policy impact, EcoSport’s year-to-date sales have risen 20 percent year-on-year to 1,397 vehicles, including 475 vehicles in February.

Year-to-date sales of the segment-defining Ranger have increased 3 percent year-on-year to 1,111 vehicles, including sales of 393 in February.

Overall though, it was the Everest that led Ford’s sales in February with 527 vehicles.

“We continue to work with our dealers, while cooperating with regulatory requirements, to help mitigate any issues related to the release and delivery of vehicles to our customers,” said Lance Mosley, managing director, Ford Philippines.


  1. ^That's 1,500 new customers who will suffer the consequences of owning a Ford with scrappy after-sales service...

    1. Typical Pinoy talaga, may masabi lang sa comment section, bitter pa.. Ang tanong po natin dyan, may ford po ba tayo? For sure naman di sila bibili kung sasakit lang ulo nila. Remember nangako young Country Manger nila a year ago kung di ako nagkakamli na tutukan yung after sale service for long term commitment sa owner. Minsan nasa SA na rin yan kung pano ka makipagtransact sa kanila. Kung feeling mayabang ka, syempre kahit ako uunahin ko yung mabait na costumer. Di gaya ng iba dyan, kabagobago kumakadyot magisa. Enjoy your ride bro..

  2. Ford Expedition ba ang kotse mo? Problema mo ba ang piyesa mo sa Ford?

    Punta ka na sa Fordmaster Auto Parts. Kasi marami ka pa pagpipilian.

    Maraming piyesa dyan sa Fordmaster. Hindi lang basta Ford lang ang piyesa maraming iba pang brands ang nandun.

    Dun ka na sa Fordmaster kasi marami silang piyesa.


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