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March 19, 2017

Smart Parking Aims to Solve Manila's Parking Problems (w/ Video)

The continued rise of new vehicle sales has started to put a lot of pressure on existing infrastructure. And while most have focused on the effects of traffic on the roads, parking facilities have now begun to feel the brunt as well. Anyone who’s had to go to any of Metro Manila’s business districts: Binondo, Makati, Bonifacio Global City, or Ortigas Center will know how difficult it is to find parking.

With land being a finite resource, Smart Parking has found a viable solution to ease Metro Manila’s parking problem. Taking up the space equivalent of just 2 parking slots (36 square meters inclusive of a safety fence), the Smart Parking system can fit up to 16 sedans or 12 SUVs by going vertical. With installation taking as little as 5 days including calibration, testing, and training for operation, Smart Parking can be retrofitted to existing structures. It can also be fitted with optional equipment such as an electric turntable that can ease ingress and egress.

Apart from providing additional parking space, Smart Parking also serves as protection from untoward incidents such as “basag kotse”, vandalism, and floods since it can raise vehicles off the ground by as much as 1.3 meters.

This fully automated vertical rotary parking system is created by Korean company DongYang PC. Continuously improved and perfected to suit the needs of customers around the world, Mr. D.Y. Park, Founder and CEO and Mr. Hyok Choi, R&D Team Director, have personally travelled around the world to supervise and ensure that projects entrusted to them are installed properly, safely, and operate smoothly.

Made 100 percent in Korea (except the electric motor which is German), this latest version of the Smart Parking system carries a 10-year warranty with a operable lifespan of 25 years. And to cater to the Philippines’ unique environment, installations can withstand a magnitude 8.0 earthquake and/or 300 km/h sustained winds.

Indeed, Smart Parking is an ideal solution for building and property owners who are looking to increase the available parking space to their tenants. This is especially true since the government is looking at passing new regulations requiring parking spaces for all vehicle owners.

Smart Parking is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Emicor, Inc. Interested parties may contact them at +632-372-3601 to 05.


  1. What is to prevent that thing from collapsing when a speeding truck, bus or jeep suddenly hits that outer post very hard? Just a little bend in that post will definitely cause it to collapse especially when it is fully laden with cars.

  2. I'm just wondering if it'll work normally if the distribution of vehicles are not even. What if the two adjacent vehicles unloaded earlier than the others? Will it not affect the performance, balance, rotation of the said parking?

    1. seriously do you think the engineers who designed this have not really thought of that?

      What Im concerned is some distracted woman or teen accidentally pressing the throttle and crashing into the carriage sides while loading their car, and damaging it, which will probably gonna make the thing get stuck and probably take days for you to get your car because of some stupid inattentive driver


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